Group Chat Names For 6 Best Friends

75 Group Chat Names For 6 Best Friends Who Make The Perfect 6-Pack

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You've got the Goldilocks of friend groups. It's not too big; not too small; it's the perfect size with six. That's why you need to be equipped with some fun group chat names for 6 best friends. When you're not hanging out during wine nights and marathon-watching Netflix shows together in real life, you're texting your crew all at once to see what's up. So you might as well have a group name that's so unique, only a squad of six could have it.

Like any dream team, the reason you work so well is because you each bring your own personality to the crew — including your texting style. For example, there's always one person who's the go-to meme queen, and someone who's on top of all the celeb gossip. One of you is always sending the best TikToks to LOL over, while someone else is there to make your Friday night plans. Assembled all together equals a group chat that's always popping off, so now's the time to give it a clever moniker. Send this list of 75 group chat names to your 6 closest friends to decide which one fits you the best.

Despite having six unique personalities, it's always been easy for you to agree on one thing. So, in no time, you'll have a perfectly named chat you can turn to whenever you need to say something.


1. You Can't Six With Us

2. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Six It

3. Let's Six And Mingle

4. The Essential Six

5. Little Six

6. Meow Six

7. The Six Chicks — 13 Going on 30

8. Sixth Sense

9. Six Pack

10. Six On The Beach

11. The Half-Dozen


13. The Six Clique

14. Six In The City

15. Safe Six

16. Dance Your Six Off

17. Enough To Make You Six

18. In Sixness And In Health

19. Six Appeal

20. Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

21. Six Avengers

22. The Three Musketeers Doubled

23. Sassy Six

24. Knock Your Six Off

25. Six Flags

26. Playing The Sixophone

27. The Hexa-Squad

28. Turn Up The Musix

29. The Sextet

30. The Infinity Stones

31. Six Gems

32. The Secret Six

33. Double Trio

34. Even Stevens

35. Serendipity Six

36. Special Six

37. Three Pairs


38. The Six Of Hearts

39. Pop, Six, Squish — Chicago

40. Sixpence None The Richer

41. My Super Sweet Six Team

42. Hey Mama, Welcome To The Sixties — Hairspray

43. One Less Than A Week

44. Six In The Mix

45. Six And Stones

46. Six Or Treat

47. My Six Picks

48. No Tricks, Just Six

49. It's Gouda To Be Six

50. Mermaid To Be Six

51. The Super Six

52. My Lucky Charms

53. The Fab Six

54. It Takes Six To Spill The Tea

55. The Hexagon Theory

56. Hella And Hexa Cute

57. Six Squad

58. Six-Sided Crew

59. Six Of A Kind

60. The Swinging Sixes

61. My Six Kicks

62. Double Power Puff Girls

63. For Six And Giggles

64. The Six Chat

65. Three's Company, Six Is Better

66. The Six Best Friends Anyone Could Have

67. Better Than The Avengers

68. One More Than *NSYNC

69. Cheaper By The Half-Dozen

70. The Page Six Gossip

71. My Sangria Time Six

72. The Central Perk Crew

73. My Six Friend-Chips

74. Lettuce Be Six Friends Forever

75. Six Best Teas With Tea