A group of friends in a book club sit on a couch with books and coffee.

80 Clever Group Chat Names For Book Clubs That Are On The Same Page


There's no better time to make a dent in your forever-growing reading list than right right now. Round up some of your friends to join you and you've officially got a book club. The first thing you need to do — before even picking out what to read next — is to come up with some clever group chat names for book clubs so you can officially name your crew. With so much planning that comes with having a book club, start things off on the right foot by having an organized group chat.

There will be so many conversations about which novel to read next, when you're going to meet up, and who's bringing the wine and cheese. (Crucial.) You don't want to get your book group mixed up with your best friend chat or your work friends, which is why settling on one name is necessary.

Since you're a book club, it might be fun to choose a name that's on theme like a reading pun or a nod to your favorite author. Instead of throwing out a million options, simply send your friends this list of 80 book club names and see which one sticks out the most. You're already pros at getting on the same page for what book to read next, so picking a name should be just as easy.

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1. Wine Not Read Some Books

2. The Book Sisters

3. Little Women

4. Our Shared Shelf

5. My Book Besties

6. What A Novel Idea

7. Who's Bringing The Wine?

8. The Book Worms

9. The Book Sitters Club

10. The Gouda Book Club

11. Page Turners

12. Check Us Out

13. Adventures In Bookland

14. The Jane Austen Book Club

15. The Book Wizards

16. Shhhhhhh

17. Reading Is Fun-damental

18. My Weekend Is All Booked

19. Down To Fiction

20. Feeling Shelf-ish

21. Check Your Shelf

22. Dumbledore's Army

23. Feeling Foreword

24. About The Author

25. The Book Was Better

26. Cover To Cover

27. Oprah's Book Club

28. Shelf Indulgence

29. We're On The Same Page

30. Read Between The Lines

31. The Cliffhangers

32. All Day, Eyre Day

33. Mr. Darcy's Fan Club

34. A Breath Of Fresh Eyre

35. A Very Sirius Book Club

36. Beach Poe-lease

37. When It Rains It Poes

38. Booking It To Book Club

39. We Like To Get Lit

40. Would Rather Be Reading


41. We're Well Read

42. Off To The Bookstore

43. The Matilda Wormwood Fan Club

44. Born To Read

45. Reading Queens

46. Always Reading Ready

47. Books For Days

48. To All The Books We've Read Before

49. To Read Or Not To Read

50. But First Let's Shelfie

51. We Loveth Thy Books

52. Book Club Members Only

53. Spoiler Alert

54. On To The Next Chapter

55. Bookmarks Are For Quitters

56. We Like Big Books & We Cannot Lie

57. Waiting For My Paperback

58. The Library Is Open

59. Random Acts Of Kindle-ness

60. One Of A Kindle

61. We're Very Shelf Aware

62. We Hit The Books

63. Top Of My List

64. My Summer Reading List

65. Book Buddies

66. Book BFFs

67. The Overdue Club

68. We Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

69. We Love Books A Latte

70. Nose Stuck In A Book

71. Our Afterthoughts

72. Babes In Bookland

73. Beyond The Book

74. The Breakfast Book Club

75. We Know Whodunnit

76. Hooked On Books

77. It's Story Time

78. Reading Between The Wines

79. A Novel Bunch

80. More Books Please