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50 Funny Group Chat Names For iMessage, Because You Have A Lot To Ketchup On


When you see a friend crew that's super close, there's no doubt there's also a group chat between them that's lighting up all day, every day. You know that's true with your best friends, too. You're constantly texting back and forth, hashing out weekend plans, and sending funny links to YouTube videos or memes. Whenever you see something hilarious, the first people you want to share it with are your best friends. That's why you need a group chat name that perfectly matches your vibes, and I've collected a list of funny group chat names for iMessage you should look over with your friends.

If you have an iPhone, you're all too familiar with the blue texting bubbles you send back and forth via iMessage. You also know what a bummer it is when you see those green text bubbles instead. In iMessage, you can react to texts with a thumbs up, a heart, or even a "Haha" when something your friend says is really funny. (Don't even get me started on how sad it is that you can't do that when it's not a fully iMessage group.) That's why when you group text all of your friends and see blue, it's honestly a win for everyone involved. You can even carry on the conversation on your laptop, Apple Watch, and iPad.

The only thing you need next is a great chat name. No need to come up with something on your own, because I've already done the work for you and assembled these 50 funny group chat names. Just pick the one that has your entire group LOL-ing, and you're set to text away.


1. The Blue Crew

2. Cyantifically Proven

3. This Chat Blue My Mind

4. Let's Taco 'Bout It

5. iMessage uMessage We All Message

6. Grapeful For Our Friendship

7. Love You Berry Much

8. The Dream Team

9. The Apple Of My Eye

10. Grape Pear

11. Lettuce Talk

12. iMessage You All Day

13. Birds Of A Feather iMessage Together

14. Private Party

15. BFFs Only

16. Meme Team

17. None Of Your Business

18. We Are Family Plans

19. Meow Friends

20. Two Birds One Phone

21. Taters Gonna Tate

22. iMessage Posse

23. Eyes On The Fries

24. Just Some Pizza Gossip

25. The Chatters


26. The One And Onlys

27. The Chats Meow

28. Pudding It Together

29. Members Only

30. 404! Group Name Does Not Exist

31. Blues Clues

32. We're Blue Da Ba Dee

33. iLove This Group Chat

34. WiFi-nally Found Each Other

35. Game Of Phones

36. iMessage To iMessage

37. Stick Together Like Blue

38. 50 Shades Of Slay

39. Stole A Pizza My Heart

40. The Lucky Charms

41. Blue Vibes Only

42. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

43. Open 24/7

44. Mint To Be Friends

45. Cannot Espresso How Much You Bean To Me

46. Unicorny Friends

47. Good Chives Only

48. We're All That And Dim Sum

49. My Beys

50. The Band's All Here