I'm Sorry, But WHO Gave Noah Centineo The Right To Shave His Head?!

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Attention, anyone who has ever had a crush on Noah Centineo, aka everyone — I have some unexpected news. Apparently, Noah Centineo shaved his head, and no, I most certainly did not see this coming. Am I shocked? Shaken? Shook to my core? Yes, but don't get me wrong, he still looks amazing. It's just a different look than I was expecting from the To All The Boys heartthrob. Still, I know in my heart that if Nick Jonas was able to cut off his curls and thrive so many years ago, Noah Centineo can certainly do the same.

When I first saw Centino acting as Peter Kavinsky in Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before, all it took was one declaration of "Whoa" and one fingers-through-the-hair sweep of the hand for me to fall head over heels. Since then, he's managed to land a role in the upcoming Charlie's Angels remake as well, proving he's not just a one-hit wonder, like so many hot boyz before him. Centineo also finished filming the To All The Boys sequel in August, and apparently, he felt a physical change was needed to separate himself from the role of Kavinsky so he could grow as an actor. At least, that's what I'm guessing, as I can think of literally no other reason why someone with such great hair would want to chop it all off.

Centineo's curls are, in a word, everything:

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He has some of the best hair in Hollywood, and I'm willing to fight about it:

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That said, according to a post on his Instagram Story, Centineo's curls are no more. RIP! The star posted a selfie clutching a coffee cup, and his hair was completely shaved off.

He looks cute, obvi, I just wasn't expecting such a dramatic change out of nowhere:

Noah Centineo/Instagram

He also posted a video of his cat, which begins with this hairless and shirtless snapshot:

Noah Centineo/Instagram

He's still hot AF, but I do miss the curls. If he even thinks about touching those perfect eyebrows, I'm filing for divorce!

Not to be dramatic, but this whole hair change is giving me major PTSD, in that it reminds me of when my childhood crush, Nick Jonas, chopped his own iconic head of curls:

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I grew to love his shaved look, but I'll be honest, it took some time:

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Fortunately, my OG fave has landed on a short-haired happy medium, with which I can certainly live:

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Also, he's married to Priyanka Chopra, so he doesn't really GAF what I think. But I digress! I wonder if Centineo will stick with the shaved head, grow out his curls once again, or settle for a Jonas-inspired happy medium. Either way, he's the sweetest guy around, so I'll support him 100%, but if anyone asks, I'm team Grow Back The Curls.

And pretty much everyone on Twitter is, too. Just saying:

Noah, sweetie, live your life, but if you want to know the people's vote, your fans agree your barber did you dirty. Long live the Peter Kavinsky curls!