These Nestlé Toll House Treats Were Recalled, So Check Your Cookie Dough

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With the holiday season beginning and the weather getting colder, a lot of people are probably planning to purchase ready-to-bake cookie dough. Baking cookies during the fall and winter months is comforting and can help bring you and your family together for quality time. However, you may want to check the cookie dough in your freezer. Nestlé's voluntary cookie dough recall might mean you'll need to toss what you purchased.

Nestlé announced a voluntary recall of its ready-to-bake cookie dough products on Thursday, Oct. 31. The official news release stated that the company is "initiating a voluntary recall of ready-to-bake refrigerated Nestlé Toll House Cookie Dough products due to the potential presence of food-grade rubber pieces." However, Nestlé also made it clear that the recall is only for "specific batch codes," so this information may not be an issue for everyone who purchased ready-to-bake cookie dough products from the company.

Since it was certain batch codes that were involved in the recall, you may need to check the batch code on your Nestlé ready-to-bake refrigerated cookie dough products. Per the official news release, the following products were not affected by the recall: Nestlé Toll House Morsels, Nestlé Toll House Ice Cream Sandwiches, Nestlé Toll House Edible Cookie Dough, and Nestlé Professional SKUs. So, if you have any of those items in your fridge, they're still totally safe.

To check your ready-to-bake Nestlé product for its batch code, Nestlé's announcement says you can find it "after the 'use or freeze-by' date and before the number 5753," and refer to a photo example provided by the company to ensure you've found the correct number. The batch codes affected are batch codes beginning with 9189 through the number 9295.


Thankfully, Nestlé has already identified where the rubber originated from, fixed that issue, and is working with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to get the problem resolved. The famous brand has issued an apology "for any inconvenience this action represents to both our consumers and retail customers." There has not been any reports of injury or illness following the recall.

Some of the products that may have been affected include Simply Delicious Nestlé Toll House Cookie Dough, Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Chub, Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Lovers Club Tub, Nestlé Toll House Fall'n Leaves Cookie Dough, Nestlé Toll House Frozen II Cookie Dough, and Nestlé Toll House Triple Chip Cookie Dough Bar. If you'd like to read the full list, Nestlé released a list of cookie dough products to check due to the recall.

If you have purchased any of the products on the list recently, you shouldn't eat them. Nestlé is asking customers to keep their receipt and, if necessary, to contact Nestlé Consumer Services at

It's too bad that the recall had to come right at this festive time of the year, but I'm always happy to see that a company like Nestlé stays on top of things, has the best interest of customers in mind, and is taking the correct steps to remedy the issue. If you think you have a product that may be contaminated from the recall, be safe and discard it. If you feel you need further assistance, you can call Nestlé's support line with any product questions at 1-800-681-1676 and talk to a customer representative.