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The Week Of May 4 Will Be So Awesome If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs


There's so much magic in the air and it's all thanks to Taurus season. This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus — planet of luxury, romance, and friendship — which makes this season one of beauty and benevolence. There's no better time to remember the loyalty you share with your loved ones and all the wonderful reasons to celebrate the world you live in. However, Taurus season isn't the only thing you have to look forward to, and if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of May 4, 2020, the excitement has only just begun.

I mean, what could possibly be more gorgeous than a full moon? Taurus season is really amping up the beauty with a full moon in Scorpio on May 7. This full moon brings a sense of completion in so many ways. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is about many things, but most notably, it's about forging stability in your universe. However, Taurus is concerned with stability in your physical, earthly reality while Scorpio is concerned with finding that same stability in the spiritual realm. This full moon is a chance for you to feel rooted in the ground beneath you as well as feel connected to your spirituality and your soul's purpose.

Forming a trine with empathetic, magical, and healing Neptune, this full moon will help you spread kindness towards others and open your heart to possibility. Scorpio is a highly psychic zodiac sign and Neptune's connection to this full moon only amplifies its psychic vibrations. Take this as a powerful opportunity to tune into the many things your intuition is trying to tell you.

If you were born with your sun or ascendent in Taurus, Cancer, or Scorpio, then there is so much magic headed your way. Here's the astrological 411:


Taurus: You're Feeling So Connected To Your Close Loved Ones

You're in the mood to reach out and open your heart to those who mean the world to you, Taurus. This week, you're having revelations about your relationships, how you function in them, and how your love is reciprocated. This full moon is an opportunity for you to heal the rifts that may be hindering your connection with your loved ones. It will also give you a clearer idea of which relationships are worth keeping and which ones it may be time to distance yourself from. Either way, it's bringing so much truth into your life.

Cancer: You're Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

This week, your spirit will be enlivened and rejuvenated, Cancer. All the worries and anxieties you've been dealing with are fading into the background, giving you the space to experience life with the same excitement you had when you were a little kid. This full moon will help you realize all the ways you may be standing in the way of your own joy. It'll encourage you to do all the playful things you did before you got in your own head and started judging yourself for having fun. Luckily, romance and creativity are at the top of your priority list.

Scorpio: You're Having Powerful Revelations About Yourself

You may feel extra sensitive and even emotional this week, Scorpio. After all, a full moon in your zodiac sign will take place, bringing you closer and more in touch with your heart. However, this full moon has the power to remind you of who you really are and what you truly stand for. This week, don't be afraid of exerting your independence and owning up to your unique and intrinsic personality. There will always be people who try to change you and you should never let anyone tell you who you are. There is so much confidence heading your way.