May 17, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Sagittarius

Capricorns Will Really Shine On This 1 Day In May

There's something very productive about this time of year for most people, but for you, the "spring cleaning" energy of this season is something you embody on a regular basis. As the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, you're all about working hard to achieve the high goals you've set for yourself, and this month isn't any different. In fact, May 17, 2021 will be the best day for Capricorns, because it supports your hard-working nature in a way you'll definitely be able to appreciate. While Taurus season inspired you to tap into your creative side, Gemini season for you is all about reevaluating your habits, work ethic, and daily routines.

So far, 2021 has been all about priorities for you (and I can't say that I'm surprised). With a jam-packed second house of money and possessions for the greater part of the year, you've been taking a close look at your spending habits to ensure they match up with your goals. Aries season asked that you spend more time at home with family, and Taurus season reminded you to carve out some time to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. As the planets make their way out of your fifth house of pleasure and into your sixth house of responsibilities, you'll start to notice the worker bee in you becoming more and more restless. May 17 will be the best day of the month to realign with your priorities in a pleasant but productive way.

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May 17, 2021 Will Be The Most Productive Day For Capricorn

On this special day, Venus — planet of unity, creativity, and romance — will be entering your sixth house, joining forces with the North Node in Gemini. While the nodes aren't actually planets, they hold a lot of weight, and are meant to represent an area of focus. The North Node, in particular, represents an area of increase, and the South Node represents an area of decrease. With Venus joining forces with the North Node on this day, May 17 will be about finding the beauty in your newfound work, habits, and routines.

The nodes essentially represent a calling for us to develop the qualities of the house and sign they currently possess, and they change signs and houses every 18 months or so. In Gemini, the North Node in your sixth house is asking that you prioritize creating a schedule for yourself, something you love to do — but also allowing the lighthearted and curious nature of Gemini to be present in these endeavors. More often than not, you may take yourself a little too seriously, but the pleasure you find in work can keep you inquisitive and constantly able to learn something new. Be sure to utilize Venus conjoining with the North Node on this day, and I'm certain you'll find new and exciting ways to revamp your otherwise occasionally lackluster work schedule.