May 11, 2021 Best Day For Leo

The Best Day In May For Leo Includes Exciting Career Beginnings

While Leo season is still some months away, the growth you've experienced in your life this year has been monumental. There's been a lot of activity in the fixed signs over the last few months — as a fixed sign yourself, you've been impacted by this energy in big ways. Your romantic relationships have seen the most transformative changes, but this month, the spotlight will shift to your career endeavors. As a fixed sign, you're not too excited by change, but May 11, 2021 will be the absolute best day for Leos like you to make some adjustments within your vocation.

As Uranus — planet of sudden disruptions and upheavals — continues to travel through your 10th house career, reputation, and destiny in the world until 2025, you'll notice some slow but impactful changes in your career that span over the next few years. Your desire for comfort and stability in this area of your life is shifting in order to make room for growth.

Taurus season may prompt you to double down on what you're not willing to release, but the only way to grow is to embrace change. Your creative abilities will be emphasized during this time, so be sure to allow your artistic endeavors room to be acknowledged and appreciated. Taurus season is all about creating things that are sustainable, but in order to fully shine, you have to allow yourself to evolve. That's what May 11 is all about for Leos.

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Why May 11, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Leo

There's a new moon taking place in your 10th house of career on May 11, encouraging new, regenerative energy in this area of your life. If you've been holding on to a career path that you've outgrown, this is the time to release it so something better can take its place. You've likely been sensing this shift for a while now, and on May 11, you'll finally feel like the stars align enough to start fresh. During this time, Venus and Mercury will both be present with the luminaries, adding extra emphasis to any newfound changes in this area of life. Your creative abilities will be enhanced during this time, so its ideal to use your newfound inspiration to make some positive changes. New moons are all about setting intentions, and with the moon exalted in Taurus, the stars are very much on your side.

With so much emphasis being placed on your romantic relationships this year, collaborating with others is a great way to remain inspired. You've been focusing a lot of your energy on the people around you, and now is a perfect time to come together and create magic. Venus moving through its home sign of Taurus emphasizes unity for the collective, and as a Leo, that's all you could ever ask for.