Fire Signs Are About To Have A Particularly Strange Week

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Have you ever felt like you were walking through a dream? Have you ever woken up one morning and felt like everything was hazy and hard to place? This sensation can be just as fascinating as it is unsettling, so brace yourself, because you might be experiencing it all week long. The sun is in mystical, spiritual, and otherworldly Pisces, so the vibes are already soft and enchanting at the moment. However, this week, the energy is so light and spacey that it may even feel disorienting. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of March 8, 2021, it's vital that you find ways to find your center whenever you feel off.

Neptune — planet of illusions and spirituality — is at play all week long. While Neptune can make things seem more hopeful than ever before, it can also leave you feeling confused and deceived. After all, Neptune's function is to place a pair of rose-colored glasses over your eyes, making everything seem so much prettier than it might be. And when those glasses are removed, the truth can be jarring.

When the sun joins forces with Neptune on March 10, you'll feel the effects of Neptune coursing through the cosmos. This energy can take you to an incredibly beautiful place, it can also make your imagination run wild. Make sure you don't think yourself into a corner. When Venus joins forces with Neptune on March 13, this vivid and romantic energy will infuse your love life with a desire that's positively magnetic. Just be careful you're not seeing someone for who you want them to be instead of who they are. You might wind up feeling disappointed later.

For fire signs, this week will be especially strange. Here's why:

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Aries: Your Overactive Imagination May Leave You Overwhelmed

You might feel vulnerable this week, as if your heart is being torn open for all the world to see, Aries. This might leave you feeling like secluding yourself from others and going into hiding, but it might also leave you feeling like sharing every secret you have with someone you love. Either way, the emotions might be gushing out of you, and if your imagination starts thinking about the negatives in life, it might make the darkness seem a lot worse than it really is. Luckily, if you can focus on the gratitude you have and heal your wounds as they come up, this energy can feel incredibly rejuvenating.

Leo: You May Have Trouble Exerting Your Boundaries This Week

Your desire to merge with the universe may feel difficult to deny this week, Leo. In fact, your desire to become one with a lover might overwhelm you. However, it's important that you learn how to swim without sinking. After all, if you let your emotional well-being depend on someone external from yourself, that means your happiness can always be taken away from you. If you feel this happening, make sure you put up the appropriate boundaries that you need in order to maintain your selfhood. Sharing your heart is beautiful and something to be cherished, but giving it away for free might only hurt you later.

Sagittarius: The Universe May Put Your Kindness To The Test

You may feel like spreading compassion and love this week, Sagittarius. In fact, your instinct to nurture others might be at the forefront of your heart. However, not everyone wants to be nurtured, and more importantly, not everyone will appreciate it. This week, you should think about how to be kind without sacrificing your kindness for yourself. If you're not kind to yourself, your kindness will eventually run dry when you're left emotionally drained. This week, work on giving to others without giving more than you have to give.