Young woman having the best week of March 8

The Week Of March 8 Will Be Full Of Magical Vibes For These 3 Zodiac Signs

There's nothing quite like Pisces season. After all, when the sun is in the 12th sign in the zodiac wheel, it encourages you to have a deeper connection with your spirit and to leave behind your ego when it prevents you from finding true happiness. Pisces causes you to feel things more intensely, tapping into your empathy and sensitivity and bringing you closer to the people around you. While this increase in emotional experiences can feel overwhelming, there's no doubt it allows you to feel things more meaningfully. Naturally, the zodiac signs who will have the best week of March 8, 2021 are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (water signs), and for them, the upcoming astrology is totally enchanting.

Seriously, if you're a water sign, just enjoy the magical vibes that are headed your way. On March 10, the sun will form a conjunction with dreamy and artistic Neptune, making it so much easier to see the beauty in the world around you. Neptune will make everything shinier and glossier, allowing you to twist your reality with a little twist. Water signs — who are already more artistic and spiritual at their core — will enjoy these vibrations that will spirit them away from the harshness of life. On March 13, Venus will also join forces with Neptune, bringing that mystical energy into your love life and your social life. This conjunction will make it easier to let your guard down and truly connect as you spread kindness and compassion with ease.

The new moon in Pisces also takes place on March 13, pointing you in an exciting and joyful new direction. Embrace this new beginning and let it signify a spiritual journey that will take you deep into your heart. If you're a water sign, here's what you can expect:


Cancer: You're Exploring Parallel Universes And Alternate Realities

There's no telling where you'll go this week, Cancer. Perhaps you'll get in your car and drive somewhere beautiful. Or, maybe you won't leave home at all, and yet you'll discover new experiences and expand your awareness right where you are. Embrace philosophies that help you live in the present moment and live life to the absolute fullest. Open your mind to the idea that there's still so much you have yet to learn and allow your mind to be changed as you do it. No matter what you do, spread your wings and fly away.

Scorpio: Your Creative Genius Is Flowing Through You Like A River

This week, you're basically the artistic genius of the zodiac, Scorpio. Wear that badge with honor, because you don't need to worry about it going to your head. Your connection with your creativity is so rife with power and significance that your ego has nothing to do with it. Because in order to get to the bottom of the creative idea you're trying to express, you need to silence your inner critic and let the colors, music, and poetry flow through you like water. Allow yourself to be the vessel for the beautiful idea that the muse has chosen you of all people to bring to life.

Pisces: You're Attracting Love Like Flowers Attract Butterflies

You're a beacon of light, Pisces. And you're always a source of light in any dark room. However, this week, that light is as blindingly enticing as the sun. Why? Because you have the power to see that light. You have the power to understand how beautiful your light truly is. If you don't see it yet, stay tuned, because the world will remind you in sneaky ways. Your friends are mesmerized by your presence and your lovers are thinking about you all day long. This light is not only guiding you somewhere incredible, it's guiding others there too.