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Aries Season Starts This Week & It Could Be Overwhelming For 3 Signs


There are so many exciting changes happening this week in astrology. However, as with all things, change is easier said than done. Even good change can leave you feeling uncomfortable as you trade the devil you know for something unfamiliar. There's usually a period of adjustment, as though you're sitting in a waiting room and you're not so sure where you're headed next. But look at it this way: Change is inevitable, and most of the time, you look back on everything realizing that without change, you never would have grown. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of March 15, 2021, you're also embracing the process of change, but it'll be so worth it in the end.

This week, you're leaving behind the dreamy and emotional lagoon of Pisces season in favor of the hot, raging fire of Aries season. The sun will pass through one zodiac sign and into the next on March 20. However, the sun's ingress into Aries is a bigger deal than you might think. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and when Aries season begins, so does a brand new astrological calendar. In fact, if you consider yourself an astrology lover, you might even call it the astrological new year.

Aries is a fiercely intense, competitive, and energized zodiac sign. When the sun is in this cardinal fire sign, you might feel ready to tackle new goals with renewed passion. However, you might also feel more combative, impulsive, and foolhardy. After all, Mars — planet of vitality and combat — is Aries' planetary ruler.

If you're born under the influence of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, this is why Aries season might feel somewhat overwhelming:


Taurus: You're Slipping Into A Period Of Solitude And Reflection

Life is an emotional roller coaster, Taurus. However, this week, you might feel like you're getting off that roller coaster and reflecting on how wild and out of control the ride has been lately. In other words, the sun is entering your 12th house of spirituality and subconscious on March 20, and this planetary shift will most likely leave you feeling more introspective, reflective, and possibly even more sensitive. That's because your innermost thoughts are becoming more apparent, which is an intense experience, and you may crave some solitude as you process everything you're feeling.

Virgo: You May Be Facing The Fact That All Things Are Temporary

As Robert Frost once said: "Nothing gold can stay," and this week, you might be feeling some of the pain that comes with letting go of the past. The sun is entering your eighth house of death and rebirth on March 20, Virgo, and although that sounds terrifying, you needn't worry. This "death" is only a figurative one, as it represents the process of something coming to an end. Whether it's something difficult that's coming to an end or something wonderful doesn't matter, because all of it may weigh heavy on your heart. After all, you were just getting used to one thing, and now you're getting used to something else.

Capricorn: You're Getting To Know Your Heart In A Deeper Way

Old patterns may begin cropping back up for you again, Capricorn. That's because, on March 20, the sun will enter your fourth house of home, family, and early childhood. While this may simply make you feel like spending more time at home and curling up on the couch with loved ones, it can also have you remembering some of your early life experiences. As you look back on your roots and the world that nurtured you into adulthood, you may feel the pressure to rationalize and reconcile everything that happened. Go easy on your heart, Capricorn.