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The First Week Of March May Not Be Easy For 3 Zodiac Signs

The sun has entered poetic, romantic, and imaginative Pisces. This is a season of creative catharsis and dreaming. It's a time to swim in the lagoon of your subconscious and explore your inner workings. However, as you search through the labyrinth of your soul, you may stumble upon uncomfortable truths. Although Pisces season can be an incredibly healing time, it's important to remember that healing is not always an easy, free-flowing process. Sometimes, healing is dark, grisly, and hard to digest, because in order to heal, you must first allow yourself to feel. If you were born under one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of March 1, 2021, then you might be feeling that healing even more deeply.

Because Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, it's also associated with endings and goodbyes. When the sun reaches Pisces, the entire zodiac calendar reaches a sense of completion as the sun wraps up its tour through all 12 signs. You're called to look back on the past year and process everything you've gone through — every success and every failure; every beautiful moment and every difficult one too. You may still be repressing certain experiences or avoiding the thought of them. Pisces season is when these memories rise to the surface and your ego is set aside so that you can embrace the wisdom you've gained over the past year. Surrender to it all.

As you embrace these deep shifts, your relationships may take you in beautiful new directions when romantic Venus forms a sextile with innovative Uranus on March 3. Let it create a new level of depth in your heart.

If you were born under the element of fire, here is what you can expect this week:


Aries: You May Feel Far Too Attached To Your Imagination

Ever since the sun entered your dreamy and spiritual 12th house, you've been absorbing the energies of your subconscious. You might feel less interested in "regular" life and more interested in exploring your imagination. While this can be a wonderful escape, it can also be challenging and even scary at times. After all, your imagination has the power to skew reality. It can take you to beautiful places just as easily as it can take you to dark ones. If it feels like your imagination is particularly overactive, find ways to stay grounded and rediscover your center, Aries.

Leo: You're Embracing The Process Of Spiritual Transformation

You're in an intense position lately, Leo. After all, the sun is now in your eighth house of death and rebirth. Although that sounds terrifying, it's a lot less dramatic than it sounds. In fact, all it might mean is that you're in the process of reviewing joint finances and taking stock of your ability to share resources with others. However, you might also be in the process of dealing with a loss of some sort. This loss could merely indicate the passing of time; the fact that things rarely ever stay the same for long. Luckily, when one thing comes to an end, something else begins, hence the "rebirth" part of your eighth house journey.

Sagittarius: You're Deeply Immersed In Your Heart And Feelings

With the sun in your fourth house of home and family, you may feel more emotional than usual. Things that matter most to you in the world will be on your mind, such as your loved ones and your sacred corner of the world. You might be thinking of how you can protect the valuable things in your life and strengthen your relationship with these things. However, if you've been focusing on other things or avoiding these aspects of your life, the current astrology might be weighing heavily on your soul. Give your heart what it needs, Sagittarius.