Maluma & Natalia Barulich's Body Language On Instagram Is Full Of Super Hot Chemistry

by Christy Piña
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for LARAS/ Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

In case you hadn't heard, there's a hot, hot, hot couple in the Latinx-o-sphere that's guaranteed to make you drool. Singer Maluma and DJ/model Natalia Barulich spent 2018 making their relationship more public than ever, and their chemistry is off the charts. According to two body language experts, their love is as legitimate as they are stunning, and the proof is in Maluma and Natalia Barulich's body language in the pictures they post on their Instagram accounts. They even have matching tattoos and co-parent a precious Pomeranian named Julieta. I know. #Goals.

The couple met on the set of Maluma's music video for his hit song, "Felices los 4." In August 2018, he really opened up about his relationship in an interview with Hola!, where he revealed all his feels. "Natalia means a lot to me," he told the publication. "I met her while filming the video for 'Felices los 4.' It was love at first sight. She went on with her life, and I went on with mine, but shortly after we started dating." The music video was released in 2017, and they began making their relationship social media official in early 2018, so about a year went by where they may have been dating on the DL before they made it internet official. Thankfully for us, they've been flooding their Instagram profiles with pictures together since April 2018, and our experts have one thing to say: This relationship is the real deal. See for yourself.

The beginning.
MalumaVEVO on YouTube

It's not a surprise these two started dating shortly after meeting on the set of this music video. "The video is hot, hot, hot," body language expert Traci Brown tells Elite Daily. Clearly, there was instant chemistry between them. However, since it is a music video and Natalia was a paid model on it, it's hard to infer what their genuine body language says here, because ultimately, they were acting.

Their intimacy shows.
maluma on Instagram

"They’re being silly with each other, and they’re enjoying that, and they’re both equally in the moment with that playfulness, which is very nice to see," body language expert Patti Wood tells Elite Daily. "I love how they both have their front, upper teeth fully showing with their lips up. It shows their joy."

Aside from their full smiles and their adorable playfulness with each other, Maluma and Natalia's body language in this picture shows how intimate they are with each other, Wood says. It shows in "the way she’s holding and touching his chin with that hand, that tenderness with her hand around his chin," she explains.

More smooches, please!
natalia on Instagram

Natalia posted this picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Love of my Life.. Happy Anniversary 🥂❤️ Vamos Colombia!! 🇨🇴," which is all the confirmation we needed that these two kept their relationship private for quite some time. "They're both leaning in pretty evenly for the kiss," Brown points out. "But notice how her hand reaches all the way to his elbow. She wants him."

Wood agrees with Brown. She says that Natalia is holding on to her amor. "There’s a part of that that’s a little bit ownership, but there’s a part of that that says, 'It’s about us, and not the drink. It’s about us. I’m holding on to you.'" Wood also explains that both of them are equally making an effort to go toward each other, which shows they're equal partners in their relationship.

These two are beyond in-sync.
maluma on Instagram

In this photo, Wood notices that since Natalia's hand isn't there to caress Maluma's chin, he's doing it himself. "He’s used to her hand sort of comforting him," she says. Could they be any more adorable!?

Brown explains that the couple is actually matching each other's body movements in this picture, which you tend to do when you're truly connected to and in-sync with someone. "This one shows how tight they are," she points out. They're mirroring each other "almost exactly from their head tilt to torso angle, and they even both have their hands on their heads."

Their sexual chemistry is off the charts.
natalia on Instagram

OK but like honestly, how can a couple be so gorgeous? Is that even legal? Anyway, Maluma and Natalia's body language in this picture shows a few different things, Wood says. "Her posture this time, with the chest forward slightly, it’s not for him. It’s to look sexy for the photo," she explains. "And even his look is for the camera, but he looks aroused. He’s looking sexually entranced in that picture." Hot.

While a big part of this picture was probably to show the world how incredibly attractive of a couple they are (they don't have to try very hard, honestly), it also shows how Maluma feels about Natalia. "The fact that he’s so close up to her back, he wants you to know this is how he feels about her," Wood says.

Someone please frame this picture.
natalia on Instagram

In case you need more proof of just how in love these two are, look no further. "These two are glued together! Their eyes are closed, feeling the moment," Brown says. "It's hard to be this close to someone that you're not really into. They're matching facial expressions. (And our body language always ends up matching those we're closest to.)"

Similar to the first photo, Maluma and Natalia are facing each other, their noses touching. "It’s that same playful [pose], the upper teeth are showing really big, as they do it, and they have their chests up next against each other," Wood says. "It shows that there’s an energy to it … that lets you know it’s real, not artificial."

Long story short, Maluma and Natalia seem to have it all. "From what I can tell, these two have a really good thing going, and they want everyone to know it," Brown says. And understandably so. With a love this real, it makes perfect sense to want to show the world. Here's hoping they're Felices los ~dos~ for a long time to come.

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