18 Women Reveal Relationship Stories That Prove Intimacy Goes Way Beyond Just Sex

by Candice Jalili

Romantic relationships are filled with intimate moments. And I'm not just talking about doing the dirty. No, I'm talking about the *other* romantic moments, like when you fall asleep on his chest or he holds your hair back when you throw up or when you tweeze his eyebrows (just me??). In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, real ladies share heart warming stories about non-sexual intimate moments they shared with their significant others.

Read along and prepare to get the warm and fuzzies!

He patiently helped her study for a test.
When I was in college to be a vet tech, I had a big test on the heart, lungs, circulatory system and the instructor gave us no information. She told us to figure it out. My husband is a paramedic and offered to help. He dug out his book from school and went over everything with me, then quizzed me. He was so patient, which he isn't normally. Our boys were running around being boys...loud and energetic, but he was focused solely on helping me. Only three people passed the test the first time. I was one of them and I had the highest score.


She traces letters on his back to help him fall asleep.
My boyfriend has trouble falling asleep sometimes so he lays with his back facing me and I trace letters on him and he guess the word. It’s simple but it really helps us relax and bond.


He does whatever it takes to make her happy when she's feeling ill.
My husband is an incredible caretaker. When my Lupus has me down, he will do anything. He literally has offered to paint my nails and shave my legs for me.


They told each other about the abuse they endured.
got pretty buzzed one night and ended up laying in bed with my boyfriend, telling each other about the sexual abuse we both dealt with as children, me from a cousin and him from his much older sister. we cried and that was the most raw moment i’ve ever had.


They lean their foreheads together.
When we lean our heads together, forehead to forehead. Sometimes there's eye contact, sometimes not. We're sharing each other's air, our brains, where we actually exist, are as close as possible. It's great.


He gets bandages for her wounds.
6-8 months into dating, while we were watching a tv show, my partner notices that I've caused my thumb to bleed. He paused the show, immediately gets up, sighs and says "im gonna get you a bandaid".
I watched him get me a bandaid and got really emotional and so i start crying. He asks me "whats wrong whats wrong?" "I want to tell you something but I don't want to scare you" "Okay"
I settle down but end up crying again 5 minutes later and he says "The future is scary, but when i think of a future with you, i don't feel scared".
whilst balling my eyes out, i say "i want you to look get me bandaids, and make me tea and look after me for the rest of my life"
Andddd here we are 5 years later, engaged and due to get married in a year. Yay!


They drove together in total comfortable silence.
My boyfriend once had to take me to the airport to go home for winter break. It was a long drive from my dorm, and it would also be our first time apart for more than a few days. The whole ride, we were holding hands and listening to jazz and at one point he turned the car heater way up as his way of "making the car temperature match how warm he felt." He's not a quiet person but he spent most of that ride in total silence and I could tell how emotional he was getting.
I don't know, there was something about that car ride that made me know I loved him.


They talked about the future.
Talking about the future. It's not always easy. I have to respect my reproductive realities without putting undue pressure on my SO, but the conversation didn't come naturally. I felt vulnerable having to admit that I'm old and want to be on a path to starting a family.


He guided her down a ski slope.
When we went skiing for the first time together and I got myself on a black diamond that was over my head. I wiped out trying to get down and he realized it was too much for me. The way he talked to me and got me down to a blue run was the most amazing, intimate thing. It's stressful when your embarrassed and mildly injured. And he made it a great experience.


She went through labor.
Being in labor. It was strange how hyper focused we were on each other while he was coaching me along.


He was there for her when her dog passed away.
My dog had passed away. We had just started dating. I had sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. He brought me take out and my favorite candy. Laid with me in bed and held me while I cried/ugly cried. Saw me at my worst and lowest, only months into our relationship and was there for me every step of the way.


He was there for her at her lowest low.
Well, we share everything with each other so our intimacy is already great. But one time I had some issue with my tooth which I thought was my jaw. It was a tooth that needed a root canal but before we know, they made us believe it was some permanent TMJ stuff and I was in pain all day and couldnt sleep or barely eat for days in horrible pain that not even morphine could stop. And I was thinking how I would rather kill myself than live with that. And how I would be a burden to him and everyone else. But he said that he rather has a miserable life with me, than any life without me. And he cared or me the whole time. Got me heat packs, this weird cream lol, anything to see if it could make the pain better. And whenever I had a flareup he held me and comforted me.


They read to each other before bed.
We read to each other before bed. Right now it's Lord of the Rings. It's so lovely to be able to curl up in each other and share a book, doing the voices and hearing how each other does the voices; to stop every now and then to comment, to talk about the story. I've always loved being read to, and reading.
I hope to continue as we go on in the relationship - this is just such a wonderful way of sharing something we both love.


He took care of her when she was violently throwing up.
Guy I was dating back in college. I was sick with something and pretty much violently throwing up in the bathroom of his parents house. He went and got peppermint tea bags and put them on my eyes as I was laying there with my head in his lap, trying to not throw up more.


He took all of the pins out of her hair after their wedding.
After our wedding reception, when we were in our hotel room, my husband helped me take out all of the bobby pins in my hair to get the veil off. He was so calm and gentle. And there were just so many pins.
I remember thinking to myself in that moment how very much I loved him.


He fell asleep with his head resting on her chest.
He was laying on my chest and we both fell asleep. It was the most peaceful sleep I’ve probably ever had.


He pulls her closer to him when they're lying in bed.
This is a pretty regular thing for my boyfriend and I but it's one of my favorite things, in the mornings when I'm away and just laying in bed with him and he's half asleep and rolls over to face me then puts his arm around me and pulls me close to him...makes me melt every damn time.


You see, guys?! You can have intimate moments without intercourse. Love is filled with plenty of adorable interactions.

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