7 Body Language Clues Your Partner Is In Love With You, For When Actions Speak Louder

by Korey Lane

Being in a relationship can come with a lot of questions along the way. When you first start seeing someone, you'll wonder if they like you back. Later, you might wonder like if they're looking for a serious relationship, or whether or not they believe in marriage, or what their family dynamic is like. But, if you're wondering whether or not they love you, then you might be able to tell without even having to ask. Yes, there are certain body language clues your partner's in love with you that you might want to keep an eye out for if you aren't getting the verbal confirmation you need.

That's not to say your partner shouldn't verbalize their feelings. Hearing "I love you," is important to any relationship. But there's loads we can tell about our partner by their body language, even if it's not always the most on-point read. According to body language expert Traci Brown, you can tell a lot from body language, but love is pretty complicated. "True love is pretty hard to determine using body language," Brown tells Elite Daily. "And not everyone uses body language the same way (think Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory). But you can tell if someone is really into you."

So, don't just look at your partner's body language and assume how they feel about you. Really, these should be used in combination with other things you can observe, like how they treat you and how you talk about the future together.

You both seem connected to each other.

A pretty subtle clue that your significant other is in love with you is that you seem to mirror each other. "You'll do the same things — like walking in step or taking a drink at the same time," Brown says. Whether it's accidentally matching or finishing each other's sentences — when it's love, you're in-sync.

You're completely comfortable together.

Another way to see if your partner loves you is to gauge how comfortable you both are looking into each other's eyes. According to Brown, an ease with eye contact equals L-O-V-E. "You'll be OK looking each other in the eye at close range — just a few inches," she says. "That's really uncomfortable to do with people you're not intimate with."

If you and your SO can look at each other deeply without saying a word, and neither of you breaks away awkwardly, you may very well be in love.

"You'll be OK looking each other in the eye at close range — just a few inches," she says. "That's really uncomfortable to do with people you're not intimate with."
Their speaking habits say a lot, too.

According to author of Success Signals: A Guide To Reading Body Language and body language expert Patti Wood, another indicator of love is that your partner's voice changes when they talk to you.

"Their paralanguage changes when they talk to you," Wood tells Elite Daily. "Perhaps the volume comes down or slows down and gets softer or warms or gets happier and lighter, or more full of joy, but you notice that it changes for you."

They create special rituals with you.

Someone who loves you and is in love with you will make a point of acknowledging you, no matter where you are. "They make loving rituals of hellos and goodbyes," Wood says. "Perhaps that means coming from wherever you are in the house to greet you with a kiss and/or a hug hello when they come through the door or into a room." They make you a priority, and their body language shows that.

How they situate themselves around you says a lot, too.

Additionally, Wood says that if your partner's "feet are pointed toward you," they might be in love. In fact, their feet being pointed toward you "is a limbic brain response," which means more than you might think. As Wood says, "where the feet point the heart follows." So next time you pose for a photo together, look down! You never know what you might find.

You look toward each other automatically.

Being in love is great, and you'll likely find that you both find comfort in each other. Additionally, that feeling is something that can be echoed in body language. "You'll reach for each other," Brown explains. Whether that's "to hold hands, put your arm around one another or even just across the table," it doesn't matter. You want to be close to each other, and if your partner is in love with you then they'll want that all the time.

A certain body part reaches toward you.

Now, this last little clue is pretty unexpected, but according to Brown, when "they hug you and their hips touch yours," it's a sign of love. It's about being connected and in tune with each other, and that can show with hugs, obviously.

If your partner is exhibiting several of these signs and has come close to saying those three little words, then they're probably feeling the love. And honestly, this is such an exciting time in any relationship, so make sure you cherish it, and try not to overthink it! Everyone moves at their own pace, so be patient. If you're feeling loving feelings coming from your bae, it's probably not for nothing.