Here’s How To Take Sex With An Air Sign To The Next Level

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If you have been, or will be, hooking up with an air sign, then you know how sensual the experience can be. And while astrology isn't the only factor that determines personality, chances are, your Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius partner is talkative, kind, attentive, and spontaneous in bed. Lucky you! These are all qualities that can make sex enjoyable and interesting, to say the least, but if you're looking for ways to make sex with an air sign even hotter, the tips you should keep in mind are written in the ~stars~.

For starters, you probably already know that air signs value learning, connection, and creativity, but this can also apply to sex. Communication should always be a key part of any sex you may be having, but when your partner is an air sign, chances are they'll be extra down to talk about all your turn-ons and desires. They'll also probably be willing to discuss and try new things in bed, and be looking for ways to keep sex both physically and mentally stimulating.

Whether you've got an Aquarian friends-with-benefits, a Libra crush, or a Gemini lover, here's what you should keep in mind when taking sex with an air sign to the next level.

Make Your Dirty Talk Extra Dirty
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Air signs really value connection and communication. So apart from vocalizing consent and telling your partner what you want, why not make communication a little extra sexy with some dirty talk? You can heat things up by sending your partner some sexy texts like, "I can't stop thinking about kissing you," and, "When are you done for the day? I’m horny and want to see you."

You can even take the extra step and kick your dirty talk up a notch while you're in bed. Sexuality educator Jamie J. LeClaire told Unbound some good suggestions are, “I want to feel your fingers inside me,"“I really want to ride you right now," and “I want you to come over here and feel how wet I am," among others.

Put Your Kinkiness To The Test

Air signs like to follow their curiosity and are always looking to expand their repertoire of skills. If both parties are consenting and within their comfort zones, consider looking into exploring BDSM together.

Sex educator Mickie Woods recommends making a kink checklist, commonly called a yes-no-maybe list. You and your partner sit down and mark how likely you're willing to try kinky activities — impact play, sensation play, spreader bars, anal sex, and more — in bed. Is this activity a "yes,” “no,” or “maybe?" Make a chart and mutually decide how far you're willing to go.

Suggestion: Since air signs tend to be so talkative all the time, a bit gag or any kind of sexual gag might be a delightfully kinky choice.

Prioritize Having Fun
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Last but not least, air signs usually like to be stimulated and amused. Flirting as foreplay and having sex in unusual places are solid bets if you want to put some wind in the sails of your relationship.

Another way to liven up sex with your air sign partner is to consider role play. "As humans, when we live with another person, our familiarity with them — and the mystery and the intrigue — just kind of goes away. Which I think is often something people are attracted to and drawn to," Polly Rodriguez, CEO of sex toy company Unbound, previously told Elite Daily. “Pretending to be somebody else for a night can be really fun in a world in which we know everything about our partner."

From extra dirty sexts, to new kink exploration, to making joy and excitement a priority during sex, you can now get the ball rolling on pleasing your air sign partner and having an astronomically hot bedroom experience. Go forth and prosper.