Machine Gun Kelly's Zodiac Sign Makes Him A Loyal, Sensible Partner

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

He may not strike you as your typical Taurus, but IMO, Machine Gun Kelly's zodiac sign actually makes a lot of sense. The rapper and actor was born on April 22, and like most Taureans, MGK is quietly confident and chill AF. Though they're best known for their stubbornness, the bulls of the zodiac have much more to offer than just that. They're practical and ambitious, and some people may even accuse this sign of being borderline boring. But for Taurus, predictability is kinda their jam, so when they find someone they like, they want to keep that person around.

Despite being a self-proclaimed "wild boy," Machine Gun Kelly is actually v laid-back. During a July 22 joint interview on Give Them Lala ... With Randall with his new boo Megan Fox, MGK admitted he sat back and let his Midnight in the Switchgrass co-star make the first move. "...I would just sit there [at my trailer] and hope," he said. Taureans aren't risk-takers, but they're def willing to wait for the things they want. Impulsive? Taurus doesn't know her. With bulls, you always know what to expect, and you can expect they'll never let you down.

Don't get me wrong — Taureans aren't passive (though TBH, they can be a bit passive-aggressive). Those born under this sign have strong opinions, and they aren't afraid to voice them. "When I came into the industry and as I continue to be in it, part of my authenticity is the fact that I speak my mind," MGK told Paste in Aug. 2016. Being the truthful, passionate people they are, Taureans have zero tolerance for fakes and followers. As the rapper explained to Billboard in Feb. 2016, "Anything I'm involved in is something that I would die for. I can't support things that don't feel genuine." Bulls don't accept BS, guys.

The reason why Taureans are so confident in their beliefs is because they have total confidence in themselves. While not braggy, those born under this sign don't often need reassurance from others, and that def seems true of MGK, who's self-motivated and seems to have a pretty healthy ego. As he joked to Rolling Stone in April 2017, "Is there someone who can play guitar better than me technically?100%. But does anyone look better playing a guitar in my generation? Absolutely not." At least, I think he was joking. With a Taurus, you never really know.

Above all, anyone born between April 20 and May 20 loves to feel good. These sensual individuals like indulging, pampering, and getting it on, and for them, a chill time is a good time. Machine Gun Kelly rang in his 30th birthday in quarantine, but rather than being bummed about the lack of a party, he enjoyed the quiet night in. "I was really scared that I was going to have this empty feeling because that wasn't there," he told The New York Times in May 2020. "And ironically, again, man, just me sitting in my house chilling with my closest friends was the most fulfilling thing ever." Sounds like the most Taurus birthday ever.

At once gentle and feisty, Taureans make for partners that will challenge you, take naps with you, and always have your back. Here's hoping MGK and his fellow Taurus GF, Megan Fox, have many lazy days ahead of them.