Lush's Spring Collection Makes Spring Bathing The New Spring Cleaning, & I'll Happily Oblige

I know that to many, a warm, bubbly bath is associated with a cold fall or winter night, but I take my bathtime routine seriously year-round, and Lush is always my go-to for fun body products, be they the perfect bath bomb and bubble bar, or something totally new. That said, Lush's Spring 2019 Collection looks like it will be one of their best to date, so you had better believe I'm stocking up on all the cute goodies they have to offer. The collection is already available online, but it won't hit stores until March 18, so if you can't wait a moment longer to fill your bathroom with springtime vibes, I highly suggest heading over to the Lush site and treating yourself to a few seasonal soaps and more.

The Spring tab on the Lush website is what dreams are made of, if you ask me, and I'm not lying when I say they've definitely created some of their cutest, sweetest shapes and scents yet for this collection. I'm not being dramatic when I say it's all so adorable, I hardly know where to start, but I'll be bear-y quick to declare that the Hunny Bear Massage Bar ($10, is the cutest beauty product on earth, please do not fight me about this. This sweet baby angel is packed with cocoa and shea butters, as well as vanilla absolute, vegan dark chocolate, almond oil, and tonka, so you can smell sweet and feel soft when you bring it in for a bear hug.

Another cutie I can't resist include is the Wild Butterfly Bath Bomb ($5, a lightly fizzing little gem with notes of petitgrain, sweet wild orange, and olive leaf absolute that make it smell incredible. After a few minutes, this butterfly will have your tub filled with red and yellow swirls of bubbly goodness. What more could you ask for?

BTW, there's more than one Butterfly Bath Bomb available in the spring line. Rose and Lemon monarchs are also for sale!

Already adding to cart? Keep your cool, there are literally tens of other great things in this collection. Next up, I have to shout out the special-surprise-inside-style egg bath bombs, some of which include the Rose Bombshell Egg ($10,, filled to the pink brim with dried rose petals, and the Fun Egg Stegosaurus ($8,, a peach-and-strawberry-scented egg containing a tiny dino baby you can crumble for extra bubble action.

I know, right? It's their best collection ever, and there's still more. There are a couple of ~sexy~ products from their V-Day collection that made their way to springtime to consider, including the Eggplant Bath Bomb ($7, (Read: This is a bath bomb, not anything else!) and the Peachy Bath Bomb ($7, an ode to the most booty-licious emoji of all.

Me after seeing this incredible new spring line:

The above are just a teaser, because believe me, there's tons more on the site. I'm talking new shower gels, body conditioners, scrubs, bar soaps, and more, so if you're looking for a springtime pick-me-up, Lush definitely has your back...and your Bubble Bars, and your Bath Bombs, et cetera.