Lush's Valentine's Day Collection Is Bringing Big Bath Energy To 2019 In A ~Sexy~ Way

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

As someone who has a rather immature sense of humor (and also almost always has the eggplant emoji in her recently used emojis on iMessage) from time to time, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Lush's Valentine's Day Collection, which includes, new eggplant and peach emoji bath bombs, among a wealth of other cheeky designs.

On Thursday, Jan. 3, the brand shared a glimpse on Instagram of a basket of thick, purple bath bombs that resemble the eggplant emoji on with the sly caption, "We're going into 2019 with big 🍆 energy." Lush then went on to share that the Valentine's Day collection is set to launch online today, Jan. 7, and hit stores on Friday, Jan. 11. This means customers have about a month to get their hands on these and all the new bad boys before Valentine's Day festivities commence. Just think, you could always snap a pic of one of the new bath bombs to your crush on any ordinary day in lieu of a "u up?" text.

The eggplant and peach emoji bath bombs aren't the only sexual innuendos in Lush's Valentine's Day collection, though. In fact, the new launch is full of 15 different products that'll be sure to bring the heat and make for a steamy night in the middle of the cold winter.

Rounding out the rest of V-Day launch are equally as suggestive bath and body products (like a bubble bar shaped like the numbers six and nine). So, if you're looking to spice up your next bath (whether it's alone or with your partner) and take care of your skin in the process, read on for a break down of some of the goodies you can cop as part of Lush's new Valentine's Day collection:

Eggplant Bath Bomb

This bergamot, ho wood, and zippy litsea cubeba-scented bath bomb is shaped just like the eggplant emoji and can be used to give you a nice, warm bath with purple-colored water... but also to suggest things to your S.O., no words necessary.

Peachy Bath Bomb

Your bath, butt, skin, night in with your date, etc. is bound to be peachy keen once this bath bomb releases its juicy grapefruit, fresh peach juice, and sweet davana-scented aroma.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Soak your skin in the magical waters of this Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar that smells of lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli. Simply hold the horn under the running water from your bath faucet and watch as the horn disintegrates into shimmery pink bubbles.

Love Island Shower Scrub

No matter whose skin you use this body scrub on (yours or someone else's), you'll feel like you've been taken away to the island of love. The scrubber uses sugar, sea salt, and baking soda to leave skin feeling smooth and polished. Not to mention, the lemongrass-jasmine scent adds a sweet, yet citrusy aroma to your already irresistible skin.

The Big Banana Massage Bar

Though the eggplant has surpassed the banana in its popularity for suggestive sexual innuendo (probably because eggplants are bigger), this fairly large banana massage bar proves that size really does matter. The bar is made of cocoa and shea butters that melt into the skin, while spicy clove bud oil and Brazilian orange oils lather the skin so that massaging hands can glide across the body with ease.

Six Bath Bomb

I'll keep this short and sweet: This reusable bubble bar in the shape of both a six and a nine is the only 69ing anyone ever needs.

These and even more new bath and body products are available in Lush's Valentine's Day Collection, available online at Lush's website now and in stores this Friday, Jan. 11.