Lush's Goddess Collection, Inspired By Ariana Grande, Is The Definition Of Divine

Remember when Lush released a bath bomb inspired by Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" music video? The product was such a hit that the beauty brand is now expanding the range to include a whole lineup of ethereal offerings. Lush's Goddess collection has arrived to treat our heavenly bodies to the same divine blend of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood aromas that made the bath bomb such a hit, just in an array of new yet equally covetable forms. This just might be the most stellar drop in the entire universe so get ready to bliss all the way out.

In the "God is a Woman" video, Grande is seen laying down in water with swirls of blue, purple, pink, and white painted across her body. The similarly colorful water churns around her, giving the appearance of a spiral galaxy, and alluding to the idea that the ruler or center of the solar system is, indeed, a woman. It is empowering, visually stunning, and also looks like it could be a really fancy new spa treatment, which is why it totally makes sense that Lush would release a bath bomb meant to replicate the video's dreamy scene.

Upon dropping it into your tub, the Goddess Bath Bomb ($8.95, will dissolve into a shimmery purple froth rich with cocoa butters. It'll make you feel like the star of your own otherworldly universe and will let you "drift away with a divine experience that lingers long after the fizz is done," as described by Lush on their website.


The bath bomb remains at the OG (original goddess) of the new lineup of products, which has now been expanded to include five other offerings that will make your pampering sessions even more out of this world. Check them out below and go ahead and indulge the goddess in you.

Goddess Bar Soap

Along with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and oudh oil scents, this gold-dusted soap bar is formulated with hydrating coconut oil and cocoa butter that will leave your skin feeling all kinds of soft and nourished.

Goddess Solid Perfume

Love perfume but hate lugging around a glass bottle or rollerball applicator? Then Lush's solid perfume, which almost looks like a little tub of chapstick, is perfect for you. Featuring notes of sensual jasmine blended with sweet rose, sandalwood, and oudh oil, this fragrance is nothing short of heavenly.

Goddess Perfume

If you love traditional perfume, fear not! Lush has got your back with this spritzable fragrance option featuring the same alluring scent.

Goddess Wash Card

If you're traveling or simply looking to wash up post-gym, this mini bar of soap in the form of a small card is exactly what you need. Lather up, rinse, and enjoy smelling divine all day long.

Goddess Perfume Oil

Last but certainly not least, the collection rounds out with a perfume oil featuring a blend of floral jasmine and rose along with earthy and herbal scents of sandalwood and oudh oil. To use, simply dab the oil behind your ears, on your wrists, and in your hair.