Lil Huddy's explanation of why he wears crop tops is a total win.

Lil Huddy Had The Ultimate Clapback When Someone Dissed His Crop Top

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Viral stars are always going to have trolls looking to slam them for something; that's just the name of the game. TikTok star Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy, is no exception to this. The 18-year-old was recently called out for wearing a crop top, but he had the best clapback. Lil Huddy's explanation of why he wears crop tops makes an important point.

Lil Huddy gained TikTok fame back in 2018, and has since garnered a following of over 19 million on the platform. He joined The Hype House collab group in 2019, along with Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae, and has become one of the most influential creators on the app. As it goes with social media, the more followers you have, the more trolls you're going to get. One of Hudson's recent uploads from early May featured his slick dance moves and lip-syncing skills, as he wore some baggy black pants with a punk vibe, and a white "Huddy Gang" cropped tee. The shirt is a part of Lil Huddy's Huddy Gang merch collection.

One user commented on the video, writing, "what's up wit all the guys wearing crop tops?" The comment also included an uncomfortable emoji disapproving of the look. Instead of ignoring the comment, though, Lil Huddy had the perfect response. "I'm taking a stand against toxic masculinity. I want people to wear whatever they want to wear," he wrote.

Lil Huddy is no stranger to taking a stand against body shaming or appearance-related bullying. In a March 25 Instagram post, he revealed that he's dealt with body shaming for a long time. "I’ve been body shamed ever since i was a little boy," he wrote. "I grew up hating everything about the way i looked. i was bullied and made fun of ever since i was in middle school for my physical appearance. i was told to eat, i was told that i looked like bones, or that i was a twig."

Hudson continued, "This message goes out to all of the people that struggle with body shame to let you know that you are not alone. Check out Stopbullying.gov for more information on how to get help if you or someone you know is getting bullied."

Recently, Hudson has had a pretty rough go of it online. He was called out for reportedly cheating on Charli D'Amelio back in late March. The rumors came when fellow TikTokers Josh Richard and Bryce Hall posted a music video to YouTube on March 20, listed as a diss track aimed at Lil Huddy. The video, titled "Still Softish," made some salacious accusations.

Huddy didn't seem to pay it much mind, retweeting a tweet he posted earlier that month:

He later claimed that the allegations were false in an Instagram Stories post.

The pair officially announced their breakup on April 13, 2020 in separate social media posts. Both of the TikTok stars made it clear they still have love for each other, but that the decision was for the best.

While The Hype House members seem to have a lot of drama surrounding the content creation team, it's clear that Lil Huddy won't put up with people slamming his image.