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Libra Season 2019 Is All About Finding Harmony Within Your Relationships

by Valerie Mesa
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Did you know whenever the sun switches zodiac signs, it sheds light on different areas of your life? For instance, the sun enters Libra on Sept. 23 at 3:50 a.m. ET, and Libra's archetype has everything to do with balance and relationships. It's no coincidence Libra season 2019 kicks off during the autumnal equinox, because it's when there's "equal" amounts of daylight and darkness. The symbolism behind it all stems from Libra's diplomatic nature and innate desire for equality. Where is Libra located on your birth chart? This is where the sun will energize and revitalize you throughout the astrological season.

The meaning of balance is subjective, but it isn't hard to tell when something lacks it. Too much of anything is never a good thing, right? Without balance, there is no stability; without stability, you can't really experience harmony. Granted, you are all entitled to your own opinion — especially when referring to an emotional state like happiness — but you catch my drift. In the end, in order to find the spiritual fulfillment you seek, you need to make the necessary compromises, whether it be personally or romantically speaking.

Libra Season 2019: Sept. 23 To Oct. 23


Wondering how you can live life to the fullest this Libra season? Ruled by none other than eloquent Venus, this astrological season is all about soaking in the beauty that exists all around you, and discovering ways to share it with the rest of the world — or a few others, at the very least. Let's face it, genuinely bonding with another person isn't always the easiest thing to do. Whether it's because you're naturally introverted at heart, or simply guarded with your emotions, it takes two to make a thing go right, if you know what I mean.

Here's where the perks of Libra season come into play: Charming and adorably diplomatic, Libra's breezy cardinal air thrives via social interactions and aesthetically pleasing atmospheres. (That may sound totally superficial, but Venus will be Venus. After all, she is the goddess of love and beauty.) The more quaint the better. So, in the midst of meeting up with your besties at your fave dinner spot downtown, take a second to look around. Being in good company is always something to be grateful for, and there may be someone special right around the corner.

Mind you, Libra season doesn't always have to be romantic. Something as simple as ordering the same cocktail as your best friend can prove you're on the same wavelength.

After you fall in love and make time for friends, don't hesitate to get your inner fashionista on. Gorgeous Libra knows a thing or two about beauty, so don't deny its Venusian essence from decorating your world. Activities such as shopping, schmoozing, painting and redecorating are some of Libras favorite things. On the dark side, however, don't avoid confrontation entirely just to keep the peace. Again, balance is everything, so don't lose sight of your values. There is beauty in the act of togetherness, and there's plenty of love to go around.

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