Kylie and Kris Jenner's TikTok recreating Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's "ABCDEFG" scene is ...

I'm Crying Laughing Over Kylie & Kris' TikTok Impersonating Kourtney & Scott

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If you've done nothing but watch an endless amount of TikToks these past few weeks, you know some of the best videos on the platform happen to be hilarious recreations of the most iconic television moments. Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been on the air for over a decade, fans haven't had trouble finding good quotes for video inspiration. While fans have created so many TikToks inspired by the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie and Kris Jenner's TikTok recreating Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's "ABCDEFG" scene is the best.

To give you a refresher of the scene, Kardashian and Disick were bickering before Kardashian decided to abruptly end the conversation by saying, "ABCDEFG, I have to go." Like many viewers watching at home, Disick was confused over what the phrase meant, so Kardashian explained the "G" meant "goodbye."

Fans have been doing their own takes of the scene on TikTok. Even Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson reacreated it. Now, Kylie and Kris have put their own spin on the scene, with Kylie taking on the role of Kardashian, while Kris portrayed Disick.

"So, are we cool? Like, are we in agreement?" Kris began.

"ABCDEFG I have to go," Kylie mouthed while putting on a pair of sunglasses.

After Kris questioned whether it was a "real phrase," Kylie perfectly embodied her sister's annoyance with Disick by declaring "it means the conversation is over."

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Watch Kylie and Kris' TikTok below.

The pair's TikTok video marks Kylie and Kris' reunion after they quarantining separately since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. It seems Kylie really missed her mother because, ahead of their TikTok collab, the makeup mogul shared clips of herself with Kris' wax figure and it looked so realistic.


Now, it would be really awesome if Kourtney and Kim Kardashian could recreate their iconic diamond earrings scene next.

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