Kylie Cosmetics' End Of Year Sale Includes $16 Lip Kits, $12 Blushes, & Even Free Makeup Bags

There's only one thing during the holiday season that excites me more than the Kardashian-Jenner family christmas card, and that's stocking up on my favorites from Kardashian and Jenner-owned beauty brands using my well-deserved Christmas coin. Fortunately, Kylie Cosmetics' End Of Year Sale 2018 is here, and the savings are sweet, so I know exactly where I'll be spending. I'm prepared to put my money where my Lip Kit-coated mouth is, thanks to up to 40 percent off best-selling products, plus a very cute, free gift with purchase I'll most definitely reach the spending minimum for.

If you head over to the Kylie Cosmetics site, you'll find a banner boasting the brand's End Of Year Sale, which began on December 26 and will last all the way through December 28. Three days might seem like a short sale, but most of us will know automatically the exact products we want to buy, so we won't waste any time. If you're not a die-hard fan, allow me to help you out and show you what's worth snagging before it's all gone for good. Pro tip: If you spend $100 or more, you'll even get a free Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag, which typically retails for between $30 and $36, so you might as well go big.

The brand took to their Instagram to announce the sale on December 26:

Let's get into the nitty gritty: what's on sale, and for how much? This sale includes quite a few different products, but we all know I'm here to discuss the Lip Kits, which are available in various formulas. A few of the classic matte version, including the Spice Lip Kit ($17, originally $29,, are on sale for $17.40, while the velvet formulation, including shades like the Grape Soda Velvet Lip Kit ($16, originally $27,, are priced ever-so-slightly cheaper at $16.20. Other lip products on sale include select metallic and matte bullet lipsticks and glosses from this year's Halloween range, as well as the Hello 21 Mini Lip Set ($22, originally $36, from Kylie's Birthday collection.

In addition to lip products, there's also a ton of discounted Kyshadow goodness. The brand-new Slay Bells Crème Shadow ($15, originally $20, is $5 off, and there are Glitter Eyes and palettes from the Halloween range, the Vacation line, and The Weather Collection to choose from. Will this finally be the sale during which I bite the bullet and get the Eye of the Storm Palette ($24, originally $40, I can't guarantee a Yes, but 10 shades for $24 feels like a reasonable deal to me.

If you've ever wanted to mimic Kylie's rosy cheeks and blinding highlight, you're in luck, as four Kylighters ($13, originally $22, and two Blushes ($12, originally $20, are included in the sale. Rounding out cheek products is the Koko Kollection Face Palette ($24, originally $40,, which includes one blush, one bronzer, and two highlighting powders. Now I've got to decide between this face palette and that Stormi-inspired eyeshadow palette — I'm only letting myself pick one, and the decision is tough, let me tell you.

Last but certainly not least, this sale rounds out with all 16 Kylie Cosmetics makeup brushes. Tools big and small are available, from the teeny tiny, super precise #16 Small Smudge Brush ($11,originally $18, to the fluffy #1 Large Powder Brush ($29, originally $48,, and they'll be especially good to use in combination with all your new products, since you'll definitely be grabbing a few.

Consider this sale Kylie's Christmas gift to us, and act fast before the savings end on December 29. Happy shopping!