Krispy Kreme's new Butterfinger Doughnuts are coming, so get ready for your fave candy bite.

Krispy Kreme Is Selling 2 New Doughnuts Topped With Pieces Of Butterfinger Candy

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is making it possible to have a Butterfinger in the form of a doughnut with its first-ever collaboration with the candy brand. Fans of Butterfinger and Krispy Kreme alike can dive into a sweet doughnut for a twist on a fave candy. The "krispety" combinations in Krispy Kreme's new Butterfinger Doughnuts are here for a sweet, crunchy bite, but they're only available for a limited time.

At participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide, you'll be able to order two different Butterfinger Doughnuts, which are available from Thursday, Feb. 20 through Friday, March 13. Butterfinger fans can get two different options: the Butterfinger Original Filled Doughnut and the Butterfinger Fudge Cake Doughnut.

Putting a twist on the Original Krispy Kreme Glazed doughnut, the Butterfinger Original Filled Doughnut has a Peanut Butter Chocolate Kreme filling, Butterfinger icing, Butterfinger pieces on top, and a chocolate drizzle. The Butterfinger Fudge Cake Doughnut is a peanut-buttery, crispy twist on a chocolate cake doughnut. It's coated in chocolate icing, topped with a Peanut Butter Chocolate Kreme, and it's finished with Butterfinger pieces on top.

Krispy Kreme shared a preview of the partnership on Twitter on Wednesday, Feb. 19, with a tweet that read: "#KrispyKreme meets #Butterfinger. Get ready for a collision of #KrispetyCravings!"

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

In celebration of the launch, Krispy Kreme is also inviting its fans to share how they eat the new Krispy Kreme Butterfinger doughnuts by tagging @krispykreme on social media with the hashtag #KrispetyCravings included in the post.

Last summer, Krispy Kreme partnered with Reese's to create two limited-edition Reese's peanut butter filled doughnuts. With its latest candy creation, it looks like the doughnut chain is continuing the sweet tradition of bringing your fave candy to you in doughnut form.

The two new Butterfinger Doughnuts follow the recent introduction of its new Mini Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. The Mini Doughnuts are a permanent addition to the Krispy Kreme menu at participating locations, sold in 2-packs or 16-count boxes, with four different flavor options of original, full-sized Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The Minis are available in Chocolate Iced Glazed, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles, and Original Glazed flavors, so you can enjoy a variety of smaller doughnuts if you don't want to eat a whole one.

Since Krispy Kreme's new Butterfinger Doughnuts are only available through Friday, March 13, you might want to hurry and try one of the new "krispety" creations before they vanish from the menu.