Krispy Kreme Has A Brand New Pumpkin Doughnut To Celebrate Fall

Courtesy Of Krispy Kreme

I truly don't know what it is, but doughnuts always seem to taste better once fall rolls around. Maybe it's the slight chill in the air, or it could simply be the cozy hint of pumpkin embedded into almost every fall flavor out there. Either way, it basically goes without saying the spookiest season of the year brings in the best seasonal doughnut varieties. And if you're already breaking out your giant fuzzy sweaters in anticipation of the greatest season of the year, prepare to try each of Krispy Kreme's fall 2019 doughnuts. The selection includes a brand new pumpkin offering that's honestly ideal for autumn.

Pumpkin spice is everyone's favorite fall flavor... and that's precisely why Krispy Kreme is releasing not one, but two pumpkin spice varieties to their menu for fall 2019. One of the flavors is a repeated seasonal specialty, and the other is brand new. So put on your eating pants and get ready for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Krispy Kreme's returning fall favorite is — you already guessed it — the Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut. According to the press release, it takes Krispy Kreme's OG glazed doughnut that your sweet tooth has come to know and love, before adding that ever-familiar fall flavor. TBH it tastes like flannels, bonfires, and foliage.

Courtesy Of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's brand new offering for fall 2019 is none other than the Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Doughnut. According to the brand, it takes the Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut and fills it with cheesecake Kreme. That's right, y'all — it tastes like a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be eating one every day I possibly can.

Sadly, both of these fall flavors will only be around for a limited time. According to the press release, you'll be able to order them from Sept. 2 through Sept. 8. Yep, just one week. After that, they'll be gone until next season. Luckily, though, its classic Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut and Pumpkin Spice Latte will be available through Thanksgiving... so cheers to that.

Oh, and you haven't even heard the best part. This year, Krispy Kreme is going to be offering a “Pumpkin Spice Purchase Protection” plan for the entire week of Sept. 2. Essentially, the chain will be allowing customers to trade in any pumpkin spice product they've bought from anywhere (regardless of the store or the product) for a free Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice doughnut. Yep — you can get either pumpkin spice flavor for free, whether you're trading in that too-sweet body spray or the oddly spicy pumpkin spice candle. Excuse me while I dig for that crumbly pumpkin spice chapstick I bought last year.

In the press release, Krispy Kreme's Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said he doesn't want people to be disappointed by bad pumpkin spice products. And that's precisely why he wants to trade the discarded pumpkin products for something that's guaranteed to be good: a Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Doughnut.

According to the press release, Skena said:

Bad pumpkin spice products shouldn’t happen to good people. If you’ve been impacted by the proliferation of pumpkin spice products that don’t make sense, come to Krispy Kreme and we’ll make it all better with a free pumpkin spice doughnut.

Like I said, fall is the best time of year for doughnuts, and Krispy Kreme is further proving my point. Now, if you need me, I'll be engorging myself in pumpkin spice paradise.