Kesha Just Debuted Dark Brown Hair & It Looks Fantastic — Say Hello To "Brunettsha"

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Hi, I'm here to fangirl about one of my all-time favorite artists, the lovely Kesha. As a teen, I remember being grounded by my parents for DIYing a shirt that said "$leazy" and trying to wear it to one of her concerts — I had the glitter-covered eyes, dark liner, and blue lipstick from MAC everything! Kesha's journey has had tons of ups and downs, and she's pulled through with perserverence and grace, which is why Kesha's new brown hair makes me so happy. Yes, girl! Embrace a new look for an exciting new chapter! I've never seen the singer go dark, and I love, love, love the way it looks. She can really do no wrong in my book.

When Kesha first hit the music scene, her wild look, bold lyrics, and general badass behavior made her an instant fave for ~rebellious~ teens such as myself. We idolized her! And although I did my best to copy her statement-making makeup, there was little I could do about the fact that my hair was dark brown, and my queen's hair was golden blonde.

I always wanted to twin with my fave, but sadly, our differing hair colors kept me from achieving my goal:

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Fast-forward almost ten years, and even though Kesha had toned down her look and opted for a more boho vibe, her blonde locks stayed largely the same:

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I mean, except for her recent decision to cut some straight-across, '70s-inspired bangs, which I fully supported:

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For the first time in a long time, Kesha has gone and dyed her hair dark — and I mean, dark dark — and I couldn't love it more. It's such a change! And sometimes, change is good. She debuted her new chocolate brown straights at a NYC performance held in celebration of the Saks x Stonewall Inn Collection for Pride month.

New brunette 'do, red lip, and a fringy silver minidress? Way to make an entrance, girl:

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I seriously can't get over how different she looks. What a transformation!

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I'm shook. Why didn't she go brunette ages ago? Don't get me wrong, iI still stan classic blonde Kesha, but the new dark strands are so edgy, and so perfect for her vibes.

She's obviously feeling her new look, as she's been posting it all over Instagram:

And spoiler alert, her fans love the new look, too. " NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE BRUNNETSHA," one user on Instagram exclaimed, and honestly, same here. "So gorgeous as a brunette," one fan wrote, with many echoing similar sentiments. "I’m pretty sure that Kesha could pull off just about any hair color," wrote another, confirming, "She is THAT gorgeous." So much love!

Live your brunette fantasy, Kesha aka Brunettesha! I'm here for it! We're all here for it!

And just like that, Brunettsha was born, and I couldn't stan her more. Kesha's blue-lipped, glitter-eyed $leazy days might be behind her, but it's clear something just as great, if not better, is coming soon.