Katy Perry's Performance At The 2021 Inauguration Event

Katy Perry Brought Literal Fireworks To Her Inauguration Performance & It Was Epic

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there was ever a time to celebrate, Jan. 20, 2021 was definitely it. After one of the toughest years in modern history, the start of 2021 welcomed not only a new year, but a new president as well. As Americans everywhere celebrated a new chapter in U.S. history, Katy Perry's performance at the 2021 inauguration was exactly the energy viewers at home needed.

Like much of the past year, the 2021 inauguration looked a little different than it has before. Not only was President Donald Trump not in attendance as his successor was sworn in, but the usual course of events had to be changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the inaugural ball that traditionally happens post-ceremony, a televised event called Celebrating America took its place. Hosted by Tom Hanks, the primetime special focused on the resilience of the American people. Per the official synopsis from CBS:

The program will celebrate American heroes who are helping their fellow Americans through this crisis, including frontline workers, health care workers, teachers, citizens giving back, and those who are breaking barriers.

So, to celebrate the "strength of our democracy" and the "perseverance of our people," Katy Perry took center stage in Washington, D.C. to close out the celebration with her song, "Firework." As the final performance of the night, Perry sang her famous lyrics as a brilliant firework display went off in the background.

Fans agreed it was the perfect way to wrap the celebration that included a wide variety of celebrity guests and performers. In addition to a moving speech by Vice President Kamala Harris, viewers got to see John Legend, Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, and Demi Lovato sing with joy as they ushered in a new era.

While "Firework" first came out in 2010, it's clear the message — and the energy — stand stands up 11 years later. As Americans come together to face the trials of tomorrow, hopefully her words will resonate with all. 2021 might be a year of great change and rebuilding, but it looks like the country has a lot of influential and talented support who can help ignite the light on a better future.