Tom Hanks Is America's Dad At The Inauguration Celebration & Twitter Needed This

Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

After a relatively tame afternoon ceremony (thank goodness, TBH), President Joe Biden brought his historic Inauguration Day to a light-hearted end with his post-inaugural Celebrating America primetime event. And who better to host the evening than one of America's most loved actors? These tweets about Tom Hanks at Joe Biden's 2021 inauguration event all play off his major dad vibes, and it's pretty adorable.

Even during a chilly night in Washington, D.C., Hanks somehow still managed to seem warm and friendly on camera. As a father to four kids himself, maybe he's used to it? After all, dads are pretty infamous for never wanting to switch on the thermostat, even when it's 38 degrees outside. Thanks, dad. Hanks introduced several musical icons during the event, including the Foo Fighters, John Legend, Bruce Springsteen, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Ant Clemons, and Jon Bon Jovi — all musicians your dad probably loves.

In between musical performances, Hanks turned the audiences' attention toward thanking everyday American heroes, such as veterans, teachers, and essentials workers. People all over the internet were gushing over how much Hanks reminded them of their own dads, of course taking to Twitter for the jokes and warm fuzzies.

Some users joked about how, in typical dad fashion, Hanks refused to put on a coat even though it's cold outside.

Some users even brought Sen. Bernie Sanders, America's collective grandpa, into the mix. During Biden's daytime inauguration ceremony, Twitter also had jokes about Sanders' practical wardrobe choices, which included the same brand of jacket he wore in those "I'm once again asking for your support" memes that went viral back in February 2020.

The outfit in question can be seen here:

It's still uncertain whether or not Hanks ended up putting on a coat after the celebrations ended. However, one thing is abundantly certain: No matter how chilly it is outside, America's dad, Tom Hanks, will always give the internet the warm fuzzies.