These memes of Bernie Sanders at the 2021 Inauguration are so hype.
Bernie Sanders Showed Up At The Inauguration In Mittens, & The Memes Started Flowing


As one of the longest-serving progressive independents in U.S. Congressional history, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is known for his sensibility in politics. And as he showed up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 20, eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice that his sensibility also trickles down to his style, thanks to his sporting a familiar jacket. What's wrong with being an outfit repeater? Absolutely nothing. Even so, people decided to show their love in the form of memes. TBH, these memes of Bernie Sanders at the 2021 inauguration are hype for his practical outfit, and honestly, it's adorable.

The outfit in question features the same brand of jacket he wore in the infamous "I'm once again asking for your support" memes. It's not the exact same jacket, but it's the same type of jacket Sanders sported in the campaign video. Bernie's wife, Jane Sanders, explained in a tweet that the senator's OG jacket had an image of his face on the back, but the nearly identical coat he sported to the inauguration was gifted to him for Christmas by his son Dave. The jacket is a classic style from Burton, and the company even came out with a Sanders-inspired shirt that says "Best Ever" to represent his obvious love for the brand.

Sanders also outfit-repeated on Wednesday with mittens he was spotted wearing while campaigning in 2020. Apparently, the mittens were handmade for him. With the jacket and mittens appearing frequently in Sanders' appearances, during his campaign and now during Inauguration Day, fans of Bernie are making memes about his ~practical~ style.

One meme pointed out that Sanders' mittens were made by a Vermont teacher who makes them from repurposed sweaters for craft fairs:

One tweet points out that Sanders is the only one looking like he's at his grandson's soccer match:

It's also being called "grassroots energy":

One person is wondering if those mittens have hand warmers in them:

So many people are calling it a Post Office ~lewk~:

Others are totally focused on the legendary mittens:

Don't forget the folding chair: