Katy Perry Didn't Make An Appearance In Taylor Swift's New Video & We're Kinda Bummed

by Laura Rizzo

Taylor Swift has released her third music video off of her newest album, Reputation. "End Game" has triumphantly made it's debut after "Look What You Made Me Do" and "... Ready For It?," but it still has all the edgy outfits, cool vibes, and shade throwing. While we all knew from the teaser clip that Future and Ed Sheeran were planning on making an appearance in the music video, fans anxiously waited for another familiar face from the pop world. Fans had strong suspicions that Katy Perry would make an appearance. So, was Katy Perry in Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video? For you drama lovers, sadly, Swift's beef with Katy Perry did not make the cut.

Fans had their theories that we would see someone who was very... Perry-like appear at some point in the video. Part of the "End Game" music video was shot on a very fancy yacht to show off Swift's "big reputation." A paparazzi captured a picture of the video shoot, and fans quickly noticed someone with short blonde hair who looks very reminiscent of Perry. In the photo below, you can see the actress on the right-hand side of the photo.

That does look very suspicious. Oh, Tay, you know how to make our jaws drop to the floor. A big emphasis on Reputation, specifically "End Game," was "the visuals," according to Ed Sheeran. When asked about Swift's album on the morning show Capital Breakfast, Sheeran said,

Yeah, I think the songs are great, I think the visuals, she’s really putting everything into the visuals as well, the visuals are really impressive. I think people will like the album!

Interesting he would mention visuals. Fans have been combing through every detail of Swift's music videos, and there are a lot of Easter eggs. For example, in the "... Ready For It?" music video, there were Chinese symbols that looked like they said "Ed," "Future," and "Reputation" which all pointed to the "End Game" collaboration. THAT WASN'T AN ACCIDENT. If Swift wanted to visually put Katy Perry in her music video, you best believe it was going to happen.

It's not surprising that Perry didn't make an appearance in the music video since the lyrics to "End Game" are romantic. The lyrics to "End Game" start off,

I wanna be your end game / I wanna be your first string /I wanna be your A-team / I wanna be your end game, end game
Big reputation, big reputation /Oooh, you and me we got /Big reputations, ah /And you heard about me, oooh /I got some big enemies
Big reputation, big reputation /Oooh, you and me we’d be a big conversation, ah /And I heard about you, oooh /You like the bad ones, too

In the song, Swift is definitely looking to be someone's "End Game." The chorus talks about how she doesn't want to be just another ex, homegirl wants to be the A-team. The chorus reads,

I don’t want to touch you / I don’t want to be / Just another ex love you don’t wanna see / I don’t wanna miss you / I don’t wanna miss you / Like the other girls do
I don’t wanna hurt you / I just wanna be / Drinking on the beach / With you all over me / I know what they all say / but I ain’t tryin’ to play
I wanna be your end game / I wanna be your first string / I wanna be your A-team / I wanna be your end game, end game

Well, it's obvious Katy Perry nor anyone who looks similar to Katy Perry is in the music video. The "End Game" music video is amazing, and I can't see what other crazy midnight drops Swift will throw our way.

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