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Kate Middleton's Purple Oscar De La Renta Suit Is 2 Years Old, But She Styled It To Look Brand New

If you're like me, there are certain pieces in your wardrobe you'll always go back to, no matter how many new outfits you let yourself buy. For some reason, I always assumed celebrities never felt this way, considering they quite literally have a world of options at their fingertips — why rewear when there's always something new to try on? Clearly, though, even the famous have their favorites, with Exhibit A being Kate Middleton's Purple Oscar De La Renta suit. She recently donned the ensemble after debuting it way back in 2017, proving some looks only get better with time.

Disclaimer: Kate Middleton looks good in everything. It's true! And while she does tend to play it safe, she's definitely got her own signature style, grounded in bright, sold colors, tasteful hemlines, and well-tailored dresses and coats. Unlike many celebs, Kate isn't afraid to hang on to her favorite pieces, and she's been spotted rewearing staples again and again during her time as a royal. I have no doubt the royal family has their own tailor that makes sure every ensemble fits perfectly, so TBH, it makes sense to want to hang on to some things after going to all the effort of making them just right, doesn't it? Plus, Middleton always wears timeless pieces instead of on-the-pulse trends, so her wardrobe really holds up over the years.

Cut to this week, when Middleton visited the Royal Opera House's costume department, and wore a rich purple suit with an A-line fit, an above-the-knee hem, and dark brown buttons down the front.

A great look, undoubtedly, but a seemingly familiar one at that:

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Many were quick to realize it was an Oscar De La Renta suit she'd worn before, all the way back in February 2017:

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I'm telling you, this woman does not age, but I digress. It appears Middleton did change up her styling of the suit this time around, which is a great way to make older pieces feel like new. In 2017, she skipped out on jewelry other than her ring, and went with just an understated silver watch. This week, she opted for some very of-the-moment gold hoops, which definitely helped breathe some new life into the look and perfectly complimented her wavy blowout. The first time around, Middleton held a simple black clutch, the bag of choice for a woman in the royal family, whereas this time she went for a gorgeous, black croc purse, the Midi Mayfair Bag ($725, aspinaloflondon.com) by Aspinal of London. It's a pricy piece, but hey, she didn't have to splurge on a new outfit, so why not step up the accessories?

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Midi Mayfair Bag in "Black Croc"



Aspinal of London

This is a great example of how accessorizing an old piece can really make it feel like new again. Middleton's suit is almost two years old, but a statement bag and some gold jewelry really jazzed it up, and it looks as good as it did the first time around. I wonder if she plans on saving any of her iconic looks for Princess Charlotte? I'd love to see her put her own twist on them when she grows up, and if Charlotte is anything like her mother, I'm sure she's got great style.