Kate Middleton's Latest Shoe Choice Is A Big Change From Her Usual Style, But I'm Here For It

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I've said it before, and I'll say it a thousand more times with pride: Kate Middleton is a total style icon. That said, she tends to keep her look ultra classy, with prim and proper dresses and perfectly tailored coats, rarely deviating from her norm. So imagine my surprise when I came across a photo of Kate Middleton's combat boots — feelings of shock, awe, pride, and envy soon followed. Shock that she dared rock anything other than a teetering high heel, awe at how she managed to make utility footwear look chic, pride over my girl experimenting with her lewk, and envy in regard to wanting a pair of my own. I want to try out Middleton's new look, too! If the duchess says chunky boots are in for 2019, you best believe I'll be ditching my slinky over-the-knees and comfy sock boots and snagging these instead.

I know what you're thinking. Where could Middleton possibly have been to be needing such casual footwear? On Tuesday, she was at King Henry's Walk Community Garden, helping children make pizzas in the outdoor oven, and high heels are neither garden-appropriate nor kitchen-appropriate, so it makes sense that she ditched her go-tos.

Instead, she went with these little lace-up babies, some denim, and a short coat, topped off by her perfectly-blown-out locks, as usual:

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The combat boots in question are, according to InStyle, the Leather-Trimmed Suede Ankle Boots from See By Chloé ($267, originally $445, No, they're not cheap, but at least they're on sale, right? The rich brown suede, the wooden block heel, and the tread sole make these the perfect utilitarian pick, while the See By Chloé logo on the heel tab gives them that luxurious royal flair.

They really work with her overall look, don't you think?

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, I adore Middleton in neutral tones like these, as I think they really flatter her fair complexion and dark brunette hair. However, I don't see myself buying such pricey boots just to steal her look. Fortunately, you can snag combat boots elsewhere for way less, like the Steve Madden Genny Combat Boots ($100,, which have a fairly similar look to Middleton's See By Chloé pair. A bolder option are the Wild Fable Dayton Plaid Combat Boots ($30,, which would really pop when paired with a neutral outfit like Middleton's own. I'm also definitely not mad at these Tobi Sorrento Crushed Velvet Lace Up Boots ($48, originally $96,, done in an olive-colored velvet and complete with a fairly high heel. This last pair might not be outdoor-pizza-cooking friendly, but they're chic nonetheless, and I think Middleton would approve.

Typically, I expect the more casual looks from Meghan Markle, but this outfit from Middleton proves that Markle isn't the only one who can wear the pants in this royal family, if you know what I mean. I'm seriously disappointed that I didn't keep my lace-up Hot Topic boots from junior high to prepare for this combat comeback, but I'll just have to buy a new, more grown-up version to mimic Middleton's latest look. TBH, that's probably for the best.