Kate Middleton's Outfit At The Queen's Christmas Luncheon Low-Key Broke Royal Protocol

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When it comes to pushing style boundries, Meghan Markle is the Duchess that comes to mind, as she's never let royal protocol stop her from rocking whatever look she damn well pleases. Whether she's got her nails painted dark or her messy bun unkempt, Markle isn't a rule-follower when it comes to fashion and beauty — Kate Middleton, on the other hand, most certainly is. With this in mind, color me shocked when I heard that Kate Middleton's Christmas luncheon outfit broke royal protocol. Really, Kate, you waited until the holidays to break the rules? Sike, you won't catch me chastising Middleton at all, because I actually loved her bubblegum pink ensemble, rule-abiding or not.

When I think of outfits that are "against the rules," I know I personally flashback to middle school dress codes, where spaghetti straps were forbidden and I had to layer leggings underneath my denim mini skirt so that it be deemed "appropriate." In a lot of ways, royal protocal is just as strict, if not more. There are tons of rules the royals (the royal women, especially) must follow when preparing their outfits, in regards to fit, color, length, sleeves, and more. Of course, good girl Middleton didn't show up wearing a spaghetti-strapped tank top and denim mini skirt to the Queen's annual Christmas luncheon, so if you're hoping for major drama like that, don't hold your breath.

There aren't actually any full-body photos of Middleton in her luncheon ensemble, just papparazzi shots of her driving there:


But that's all protocol-sticklers needed to detect a broken rule — peep her OOTD's bubblegum pink hue:


Great color, right? I totally agree, and Queen Elizabeth II likely would, too. That's because the Queen is supposed to be the one rocking a vibrant hue, while the other royals typically dress in more subdued shades around her. The Queen wears bright colors so that she's easy to spot, both for her adoring fans as well as her security team, and it's pretty much "her thing."

Maybe Middleton got her inspiration from this iconic all-pink look, complete with two red feathers adorning the Queen's hat? I mean, this is everything:

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Here's the thing: It's virtually impossible for anyone, even someone as gorgeous as Middleton, to steal the Queen's thunder. She's been serving absolute lewks for decades, and there is no other style icon quite so vibrant. Still, I have to wonder if she was all, "Where do you think you're going in that?" when she saw Middleton's bubblegum pink outfit.

Arizona Iced Tea, who? Queen👏 Elizabeth 👏 Does 👏 It 👏 Best:

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Jokes aside, the Queen really is meant to be the one in bright colors, so unless Middleton planned ahead and got permission to wear pink, it's likely the luncheon was a little bit tense. Maybe not, though, since Meghan Markle breaks royal protocol all the time, and the Queen still gets along with her! That said, I'm personally a huge fan of Middleton's look, and the pussy bow detail at the neck makes me a fan regardless of the rules.