Royal Fans Are Mad About Kate Middleton's Earrings At Archie's Christening

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

You know it must be intense to be a royal when you can't even wear a nice pair of earrings to your nephew's christening without making headline news. Ever since Meghan Markle joined the royal family there's been rumored beef between her and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, but The Great Christening Earring Debacle of 2019 is next level. (Come on, internet. Surely there must be something more interesting we can talk about.) Kate Middleton's earrings at Archie's christening are causing drama thanks to the fact they once belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, leaving some haters to believe this was Middleton's effort to "upstage" Meghan.

You guys. Come on.

The earrings in question are stunning teardrop Collingwood Pearl baubles that Princess Diana actually wore to her own son Prince Harry's christening. For this reason alone, it's clear Middleton was intentional in her jewelry choice. But, to believe that she A) knew the public would recognize and reference the earrings and B) still did it to purposefully shade Meghan is just outrageous. Why would Kate want to fuel that negative media fire? Rather, it is much more reasonable to assume Kate opted for the pearls as a means to honor both Harry and Princess Diana on Archie's special day.

Kensington Palace released one stunning family portrait where you can clearly see Kate's earrings glittering in the light.

Meghan Markle die-hard fans are upset Kate didn't offer the stunning set to her sister-in-law, but here's the thing, disgruntled followers — there's no way for us to know for sure that she didn't. It's totally possible — nay, probable! — that Meghan carefully curated her own look and could have chosen something from Princess Diana's collection if she wanted to. (Reminder, two of Di's jewels flank Meghan's solitaire engagement stone.)

Still, fans just can't let this go. Look at the drama go:

Le sigh.

While earring-gate might be in full swing, other people are more concerned about the bizarre body language the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn't seem to shake off for this photo. Objectively, the two do look a little awkward. It seems like Prince William couldn't decide if he should smile or go for a serious face, which left him with a strange half-smirk. Body language expert Traci Brown offered, "William and Kate are showing signs of stress. They’re unusually stiff, even for royals." Brown also noted: "Interestingly enough, Kate and William aren't leaning in towards each other or towards the family, for that matter. According to her, this prompts two questions: "Is there stress between the couple? Or between the family?"

*Major eye roll emoji.*

The important thing royal fans should remember is that there's a new bundle of joy roaming the palace walls. Baby Archie is reportedly doing wonderful in his new home at Frogmore Cottage where his parents are working hard to be as hands-on as possible and set up a "normal" environment for their newborn.

Buckle up, Archie. Once you get older, it's nothing but clothing conspiracies and body language analysis. Hang in there.