Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring From Prince Harry May Be A Tribute To Princess Diana

by Jamie LeeLo
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Hear ye, hear ye! Prince Harry has officially popped the question and the world is so, so excited. Apparently, Harry proposed earlier this month, though the public is only just now learning about it. Plus, Meghan Markle's engagement ring may be a tribute to Princess Diana, which is almost too amazing for us to think about.

The American actress and literal prince met through mutual friends in July of 2016, and were an official couple by November. Now, here we are just a year later, and the wedding is on. According to an official statement released by the Clarence House, the couple is set to be wed sometime in 2018.

The statement says,

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle. The wedding will take place in Spring 2018. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course. His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month. Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle's parents. The couple will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.

But can we talk about that ring?!

Here's the need to know detail: Prince Harry reportedly designed the stunner himself, and even implemented diamonds that once belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. According to Us Weekly, Harry used some of the precious stones that came from one of her brooches to create his engagement ring for Markle.

If you guys remember, Princess Diana's famous sapphire ring was given to Kate Middleton by Prince William when he proposed back in 2010. That gorgeous bauble includes an 18-carat blue oval sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, and is only one of the world's most recognized pieces of jewelry in all of history.

Come on. You guys know the one I'm talking about...

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Very casual.

TBH, we should have seen this coming. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Markle commented on how in love she and Harry are. She said,

We’re a couple. We’re in love. I’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but I hope what people will understand is that this is our time. This is for us. It’s part of what makes it so special, that it’s just ours. But we’re happy. Personally, I love a great love story.


Another source told Us Weekly that Markle will move into Harry's (dare we say modest?) two-bedroom home in Nottingham Cottage. The insider put it, "There are no plans for them to live separately. Meghan will move right in."

The Royal Family's official Twitter handle released the following message of support, saying,

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness.

Additionally, Kensington Palace tweeted,

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said of the engagement: 'We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.'

Everybody buckle up, because this year is going to be a big one.

In the mean time, Meghan... keep us posted on, like, your dress, and if you need bridesmaids, and any honeymoon planning, and what you're thinking about doing for a cake... etc. etc.

If you need any help, just call us.

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