Kate Middleton Wore One Of Princess Diana's Favorite Tiaras To A Recent Royal Event

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Kate Middleton is almost always sporting the world's best, bounciest blowout, so the only way to make her hair look better than it usually does is to throw a tiara on top. While Disney movies might have you believing that royals wear massive crowns on the daily, tiaras are actually reserved for special occasions only, so it's not often we see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing one. That said, Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana's tiara to a recent reception for the Diplomatic Corps, and let me tell you, it was everything. The Lover's Knot tiara is one of Princess Di's most widely-recognized pieces, lent to her by the Queen as a wedding gift, and seeing Middleton wear it gives me full-body chills. Plus, it's so pretty.

Middleton and Meghan Markle often wear heirlooms that channel their late mother-in-law, from a beautiful pair of borrowed earrings to special-occassion rings and necklaces. Middleton's massive sapphire engagement ring was once Princess Diana's as well, but even the most ornate jewelry can't compare to the grandeur of a royal tiara. The Lover's Tiara, one of her favorites, is particularly over-the-top in all the right ways. Made of teardrop-shaped pearls and (duh) tons of diamonds, it dates back to 1914, when Queen Mary had it made by her royal jewelers to resemble a tiara worn by her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse.

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Princess Augusta had good taste, and the Lover's Tiara has truly stood the test of time. Middleton paired it with a low updo, but it wasn't her only blingy accessory of the evening. She wore large diamond earrings and an ornate necklace, plus her brooch of the Royal Family Order, an honor given to her by the Queen for her service.

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I wonder if Middleton had the option of wearing the matching pearl earrings, as seen on Princess Diana below in 1989:

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Like I said, the whole thing gives me full-body chills. Both women look beautiful in the tiara, and though it's not the first time Middleton has worn it, the magic will never get old. I'm sure her look would have been 100% Diana-approved.