Princess Eugenie's Engagement Ring Is Actually Really Similar To Kate Middleton's

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Princess Eugenie of York is the latest member of the royal family to get engaged. Her news came on Jan. 22 when her father, Prince Andrew (aka the Duke of York) announced his daughter's engagement to longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank in a statement that read, "The Duke and Duchess of York are delighted to announce the engagement of Princess Eugenie to Mr. Jack Brooksbank." The first thing people wanted to see was the ring, of course. And it's actually pretty similar to another royal's engagement ring. Princess Eugenie's engagement ring vs. Kate Middleton's have a lot of similarities and are two examples of an engagement ring trend a lot of members of the royal family can't get enough of.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring is iconic because 1) it's stunning (have you seen it?), and 2) it was Princess Diana's engagement ring. That giant blue stone in the center of her ring is a thing of legends. Princess Eugenie's engagement ring is equally as stunning, and it actually heavily resembles her mother's engagement ring. Where Kate Middleton has a blue stone in the center of her ring surrounded by diamonds all on a silver band, Eugenie has a pink stone at the center surrounded by diamonds on a gold band. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York/Eugenie's mother, has a ring similar to Eugenie's in that it has a red stone in the middle, is surrounded by diamonds, and has a gold band.

Here's how Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie's engagement rings compare:

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And here's how Princess Eugenie and the Duchess of York's engagement rings compare:

Though they're all unique in their own ways, it's impossible to miss the trend these rings fall into. But before we get into that trend, let's break down Princess Eugenie's ring.

What kind of stone is in Princess Eugenie's engagement ring?

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According to Harper's Bazaar, Princess Eugenie's engagement ring features a padparadscha sapphire, aka a "lotus blossom" sapphire. The pink/orange color is apparently one of the rarest colors you can find in a sapphire, according to Evening Standard. Brooksbank revealed in an interview following their engagement announcement and photo shoot at Buckingham Palace that he found the ring at a jeweler's, but he didn't have it with him when he proposed in Nicaragua. He said, "I found a ring in a jeweler's, and then proposed to Eugenie without it." He apparently wanted to make sure Eugenie liked the ring before they committed to it, Harper's Bazaar reports. The diamonds surrounding the sapphire make a floral/halo shape, and that's where her ring ties in with many other royal engagement rings.

Lots of royals throughout history have had engagement rings that sported colored stones surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Meghan Markle's engagement ring is actually unique in the fact that it doesn't have any of these features.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring has the blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

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Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York's, engagement ring has a ruby in the center surrounded by a halo of pointed diamonds.

Wallis Simpson, the wife of abdicated King Edward VIII, had a massive engagement ring that had a giant emerald in the center surrounded by diamonds.

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II's sister, also had a ruby front and center in her engagement ring that was surrounded by a halo of diamonds, though there aren't many photos of it.

Fans are in love with Princess Eugenie's engagement ring and how similar it is to her mother's.

Meghan Markle's engagement ring, on the other hand, doesn't go with this halo trend at all (which is obviously more than fine, this ring is stunning).

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Whether the royal engagement rings are similar or not, one similarity they have is that they're all freaking beautiful.