Justin Bieber Reportedly Punched A Guy For Assaulting A Woman At Coachella, & Wow

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Bad boy Justin Bieber is back at it, but this time it's actually for the greater good. According to reports, Justin Bieber punched a man at Coachella for assaulting a woman. Way to go, Biebs.

On April 15, TMZ reported that while attending a Coachella party, Bieber punched a man who had grabbed a woman by the throat and was refusing to let go of her. A source told TMZ that Bieber was talking to a few friends at the party when a man, who has not been identified, walked in and spotted the woman at the party. Then, according to sources, the man allegedly went "ballistic" and grabbed the woman by the throat. Once seeing this, the source claimed that Bieber and his friends started yelling at the man to stop, but the man wouldn't release his grasp, leading Bieber to allegedly hit the man in the face and shove him against the wall so the woman could escape.

Naturally, the man was kicked out of the party, but sources told TMZ that wasn't the last of him. Later that night, the man was allegedly seen chasing after and hitting an SUV while yelling Bieber's name.

Elite Daily reached out to representatives of Bieber for comment, but didn't hear back in time for publication.

Just like any festival, Coachella is meant to be an easy going and fun time, and it looks like Justin Bieber is taking full advantage of his time there. Since the first weekend kicked off on April 13, fans have taken to social media sharing numerous videos of the iconic pop singer totally living his life at the festival. Even though he may be a world-renowned artist and performer, Bieber is enjoying his time in the crowd this time around.

Living his life in a Coachella crowd and coming to a woman's defense at a Coachella party. Get you a man who can do both.

I, for one, fully support Bieber taking a break from the spotlight to enjoy some much deserved downtime. Even though the Purpose singer may not be releasing new music at the moment, but he's still been making headlines for his on and off again relationship with Selena Gomez. Just when we thought these two love birds had finally worked things out, in March reports started surfacing that Bieber and Gomez are taking some "time apart." It's no secret that their relationship is perhaps one of the most public ones in Hollywood, and sources told E! News that was a huge obstacle in their relationship. A source reportedly said,

They both have expressed that they have been feeling overwhelmed with a lot of pressure that has come with their public relationship, and haven't been seeing eye to eye on things.

Since the reports surfaced, it looks like both Bieber and Gomez are enjoying some carefree time solo. The fact that Bieber came to Coachella alone could be proof enough that the two aren't working things out, because honestly if there's any place to be single, it's Coachella.

Judging from his Instagram posts, he's been living up this three day weekend alongside close friend, and performer, Post Malone. He and the "White Iverson" singer ignited a friendship while touring during the 2016 Purpose tour, where Post Malone opened for Bieber. Now, Bieber is taking a backseat while Post Malone tears up Coachella on the main stage. So much can truly change in just a few years.

Even though videos of Bieber enjoying his weekend have been all over the internet, this isn't Bieber's first time gracing Coachella's grounds. The singer also attended in 2015, and stood amongst us as if he wasn't total pop music royalty.

Justin Bieber at Coachella is a mood that I can completely support.

In the end Justin Bieber is just a music fan like the rest of us, and I'm so glad he's enjoying his time at Coachella without a care in the world. Except, of course when he's throwing a punch or two in the name of chivalry.