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If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, This Week Of June 8 Will Feel So Dreamy


When it's Gemini season, there's a fun, flirty, and open-minded feeling coursing through the air. Gemini is a zodiac sign that loves to learn, connect, spread the word, laugh, and be free. It is time to do away with whatever is preventing you from opening your heart to other perspectives and finding your voice, because Gemini season is here and no one has to suppress themselves when they have something to say. In fact, no one will feel like speaking up more than Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius this week because June 8, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs and it's all thanks to the element of air.

However, even with all the excitement and enthusiasm of Gemini season, this zodiac sign isn't all giggles and good vibes. In fact, this week, you might feel incredibly emotional, which runs contrary to everything you thought you knew about Gemini, which is often conceived as a very unemotional zodiac sign. With Neptune — planet of the subconscious, the imagination, and faraway realms — entering the scene, you might feel as though you can't feel the earth beneath the feet. If you're uncomfortable with the unknown, this disconnection may leave you feeling confused and possibly even scared. However, it could also leave you feeling enchanted as you open your heart to kindness, creativity, and beauty.

Neptune will form a square with the sun in Gemini on June 11 and later form a conjunction with driven and aggressive Mars on June 13. While this could feel incredibly anxiety-inducing, these transits are also flushing you with spiritual and artistic energy. If you harness it for healing and imaginative thinking, you'll be harnessing this energy in the best way possible.


Gemini: You're Understanding Who You Are On A Deeper Level

There are so many layers to who you are, Gemini. You're such a chameleon soul that you're used to slipping in and our of your many personalities to suit your environment. However, you run the risk of forgetting who you are when you do that so easily and without hesitation. This week, practice being yourself even when it causes discomfort in your environment. Instead of changing to fit your world, let the world change to fit you. You are an outspoken, sharp-shooting, and observant zodiac sign. Your truth-telling abilities are much needed in a world full of lies.

Libra: You're Opening Your Heart To Empathy And Openness

Instead of embracing your instinct to prevent yourself from feeling, allow yourself to be open to all possibilities and emotions this week. Letting your guard down will transform you in such a beautiful and impactful way, Libra. It will also allow you to connect with others on a far deeper level. Other people have come from a very different experience and background than you have. If you remain open to the fact that everyone has something unique to bring to the table, there is nothing that can keep people apart. Let your world be filled with various colors instead of the same things over and over again.

Aquarius: Your Imagination Is Glittering With Potential

Your mind is racing and it's as though you're dreaming while you're still awake, Aquarius. While it may be difficult to focus on the task at hand, give yourself permission to daydream and let your imagination run wild. There is a genius thing in your heart and if you prevent your soul from searching for it, you'll never find it. Set aside time for introspection and creative exploration this week. Creativity is a human act and even if you never considered yourself to be a creative person, engaging with your inner artist is the most human thing you can possibly do.