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Get Ready — These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week Of June 22


Are you ready to cancel your plans and hang out at home with the people you love most? Are you in the mood to bake yummy desserts and watch sappy love movies? Prepared to throw down if anyone does anything to hurt someone you care about? You better be, because the sun officially entered Cancer last week and it's flushing your universe with Cancerian energy. Whether you love this shift or not, June 22, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Gemini, and Cancer — and they've got so much to look forward to.

Even though Mercury retrograde may be spinning webs of confusion throughout the cosmos, you do have one less retrograde to worry about this week. That's because, as of June 25, Venus retrograde will finally come to an end. This retrograde encouraged you to rethink your relationship patterns, spending habits, and perspective of your own self-love. Now that Venus is direct, you'll find these aspects of life starting to ease up. You'll start to get a clearer understanding of where your love life and social life stand.

That's not all: As of June 27, Mars — planet of courage, drive, and motivation — will enter Aries. Since Mars rules over Aries, this planet is most powerful when transiting this zodiac sign. If you've been dragging your feet, struggling to feel inspired, or just feeling way too sleepy all the time, this transit will shock you back to life and encourage you to compete harder than you ever have. Use it to get a lot of things done while you can, because Mars will retrograde during late summer and take a major break from helping you do anything. In the meantime, Mars in Aries wants you to compete hard and without apology.


Aries: You're Feeling More Energized And Confident Than Before

Rise and shine, Aries. You've spent a long and difficult period exploring your feelings and healing from past traumas. You're such a competitive zodiac sign, and this long break from your wins has likely worn you down. Luckily, that time is past you, because Mars — your ruling planet — has finally moved into your first house of the self. After a long, sleepy. and strange period of withdrawal, you're finally feeling like your energized self again. Get back out there and do everything you've been wishing you had the strength to do. You're ready for anything.

Gemini: You're Finally Loving Yourself After Questioning Yourself

Have you been picking yourself apart? Overanalyzing every little one of your flaws? That's because Venus has been retrograding in your first house of the self, making it difficult to remember all the amazing things about you that make you so attractive. Luckily, you're getting a second shot at your Venus return and you're loving it. Time to indulge in how lucky you are to have been born as you. Shower yourself with affection, love, luxury, and everything you deserve.

Cancer: It's Your Solar Return And Nothing Can Stop You

Happy birthday, Cancer! It's your solar return, which means the sun has traveled all throughout the zodiac and landed at the same spot it was in when you were born. Now's the time to feel more powerful than ever, because the cosmic energy swirling around you matches the cosmic energy raging within you. Spend time thinking about what you've learned over the past year, acknowledging all the ways that you've changed, and honoring all the improvements you've made. You've got another year ahead and it's time to start thinking about what you'd like to accomplish next. The sky is the limit.