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Get Excited, Because July 27 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs


Summer is raging, the sun is in Leo, and there are romantic, creative, and lively energies radiating through the air. This is not to disregard how strange everything is at the moment, mind you. After all, you're still going through some of the most intense astrology you've ever experienced. But still, you're finding the sweet moments and the pockets of sunshine to remind you there is still so much beauty surrounding you. In fact, wait until you hear which zodiac signs will have the best week of July 27, 2020 — because it's just the icing on the cake. Drum roll, please? Fire signs, it's your time. If your sun or rising sign happens to fall under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, then you've got a lot to look forward to.

That's not to say this week won't be downright chaotic. It may even feel like an emotional roller-coaster ride. However, with expansive and adventurous Jupiter forming a sextile with dreamy and creative Neptune as of July 27, there's a free-flowing, empathetic energy breezing around you. This transit may give you a whole lot of clarity, helping you identify the true meaning of everything that matters to you. When messenger Mercury forms a trine with Neptune on July 30, it will give you all the heart to open up about your feelings and connect with others on a spiritual level.

Even though this all sounds very gratifying, it won't necessarily come easy. After all, it coincides with some erratic, intense, and chaotic transits. For example, Venus — planet of love and luxury — forms a square with Neptune on July 27, and you might feel incredibly overwhelmed, anxious, and even vulnerable during this time. And, when Mercury squares off with aggressive Mars on July 27, you could feel quick to anger.

However, if anyone can get through it, it's these zodiac signs:


Aries: You're Flooded With Creative Inspiration This Week

Are the wires in your brain perfectly connecting? Are you seeing beauty where you never did before? Are you suddenly feeling exactly like you did when you were a kid? If so, it's no surprise, Aries. Leo season is always an incredibly enlivening time for you, and it makes you want to jump for joy or do a little dance. You may feel totally inspired, and not by just any passing inspiration, but the kind you can implement into your life and actually create something with. Don't underestimate your ideas, Aries, because they're way too good.

Leo: You're Peeling Back The Layers Of Who You Are

You're surprising yourself lately, Leo. You're a fixed sign, which makes this development rather unexpected, but you're feeling pushed to change for the better. After all, your solar return is forming a square to unpredictable and individualistic Uranus, pushing you to take drastic measures and be brave enough to make a major change. You thought you were set in your ways, but the truth is, there's a whole other person living inside of you who eagerly wants to come out and play.

Sagittarius: You May Find Yourself On An Unexpected Adventure

How did you get here, Sagittarius? You were going down one path, certain of your destination, and then something gorgeous caught your eye and led you astray. You may be feeling lost, but you're also so excited about everything you're coming across. Don't fight it, Sagittarius. Sometimes you need to get lost before you can find yourself. You have no problem letting the wind take you away, so embrace the fact that this gust is strong enough to take you somewhere completely unexpected. Leo season has only just begun, and you're already making more memories than you could possibly fit into a scrapbook.