These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & You Can Thank Leo Season

Astrologically speaking, this week is a cliffhanging moment in the movie that is your life. This is the part when the villain makes a move that puts the audience on the edge of their seats; the scene where you, the hero, are forced to make a difficult decision. Even if victory seems impossible, even if all the odds are stacked against you, the day will be saved somehow. When challenges are thrown your way, it's only bound to make things far more interesting, and as of July 23, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. If your rising sign happens to be one of these signs, you'll revel in the good vibes even more deeply.

Make no mistake: There is power surging through your veins. When the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius offers a climactic tipping point in your journey, you'll receive startling revelations and impactful transformations that change the course of your life, bringing you closer to your fullest potential. If these changes crash down on you like a barrage of waves, trust in your ability to survive. With the sun officially entering Leo and launching us into a season of the utmost confidence and the purest self-love, you'll find that there's no situation too daunting for you to conquer.

Leo: You'll Feel Like Absolute Royalty

Once the sun enters Leo, its shine is made of pure gold, casting a light brighter than any other upon our world. When the sun is in Leo, the sun is at home. Being Leo's ruling planet, their solar returns are therefore the most powerful and energizing of all. You will feel fully immersed in your charismatic approach to life, your confidence that lights up a room, and your artistry that attracts admirers to you like the most colorful flower attracts all the bees.

Coming away from a deepening partial solar eclipse that's likely sparked inspiration and revelation in your heart, you're gearing up toward a galvanizing new beginning when the partial solar eclipse on Aug. 11 rises in your name, Leo. Ride this solar return like the highest wave, and never for one second doubt that you're on your way somewhere beautiful.

Libra: You're About To Have The Time Of Your Life

When the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius occurs in your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and fun, you can bet your lively heart that eclipse season is bearing gains and rewards like it's Christmas. This promises a revelation that leads towards beauty, creation, love, and happiness. Perhaps you'll discover a new way of living that promotes more joy than you've ever had before. Maybe you'll be stricken by the lightning of inspiration, leading you towards achieving a goal you've always dreamed of achieving. Whatever it is, your community will share in your prosperity, as the sun is also in your 11th house of friends. Prepare to feel connected and engaged with your loved ones. You are a part of something incredibly big.

Sagittarius: You'll Feel Very In Touch With Who You Are

When the sun entered your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, it's poured all your power right back into your soul. If you've been feeling detached and aloof, you'll find yourself becoming far more excited about life and far more happy with who you are. The ninth house is your ruling house, and with its strength, you can hone in on all the best of your Sagittarius qualities. Wisdom will blossom in your heart, adrenaline will course through your veins, and the world will be your oyster.

Prepare for this total lunar eclipse to refine your self-expression, as it takes place in your third house of communication. This offers you a sense of completion, reminding you that you are always whole, no matter what.