The Total Lunar Eclipse Might Urge You To Change Your Life & Here's How To Listen

"How did I not see this coming?" is a question we all ask ourselves when something unexpected and difficult happens. While you may feel blindsided and shocked, there's a strong chance that, in reality, you did see this coming. You were just willing to ignore the signs and hush your intuition. In astrology, the moon is irrevocably tied to your innermost feelings. It is through the moon that you receive these inklings, sensations, and premonitions that let you know something big is about to happen. When a total lunar eclipse is slated to bring dramatic and fierce change to our world on July 27, you can bet that your subconscious mind already knows something your conscious mind has yet to find out. Understanding how to receive the message the total lunar eclipse in July 2018 is trying to send you will allow you to make your own decisions before the universe does it for you.

A lunar eclipse is known for ending a chapter in your life, for closing a door so that a better one can open. While a lunar eclipse always finds a way to change your world, it could always use your cooperative energy to allow these changes to be more powerful. When you're resistant to transformation, you're only wasting time. Since a lunar eclipse is here to help you get on the right track, you should be eager to listen to what it wants to tell you. It has all the answers you've been searching for.

Think About How You Were Feeling On The Solar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse never occurs without a solar eclipse taking place in the same span of time. During an eclipse season, at least two eclipses complement and complete each other. The transformations that one eclipse creates in your world would be unfinished without the other.

Think back to where you a few weeks ago, around July 12, when the partial solar eclipse began altering the energy in universe. What was going on in your life? Who were you focused on? What issues were at the forefront of your mind? Did your feelings change about something?

During a solar eclipse, you start to sense the beginnings of something major. The change begins within, ending through a lunar eclipse, when you're forced to actually act upon the transformative feelings you've been having. Whatever was going through your head on the partial solar eclipse a few weeks ago is sure to pop up again on the lunar eclipse. Set aside time for deep introspection, so that you understand what this eclipse season is attempting to do for you.

What Are Your Dreams? What Must Be Done To Achieve Them?

Ultimately, the strange thoughts surrounding eclipse season all have to do with how you're going to reach your fullest potential. It's easy to get stuck in a comfortable rut. Even if you've been struggling for a long time, sometimes it's easier to stick to the Devil you know than to take a risk and leave a bad situation behind. However, your dreams require change in order for you to realize them. Without a shake-up every now and then, your energy would remain stagnant, bringing you nowhere closer to growth. A lunar eclipse doesn't simply want to shake things up. It wants to be a tidal wave crashing on your world, forcing you through something permanently strengthening.

Think about what you truly want from life. Who do you want to become? What do you want to accomplish? There may be things standing in the way of your success. Whether it's a dead-end job, a toxic relationship, or simply a lazy mindset, the lunar eclipse wants you to put an end to it.

A Ritual To Open Yourself Up To The Lunar Eclipse

Focusing all your intentions through a ritual is always a good idea on a spiritual event as profound as a lunar eclipse. If you want to open yourself up to its healing and transformative power, you can make your willingness to accept change known to the universe. All you'll need is:

  • Smudging materials, such as burning sage
  • 1 White candle
  • An open heart

After you've cleansed your energy by burning sage or meditating with a selenite crystal, try to go outside at night. If you're unable to, at least be near a window you can see clearly through. Light your candle, and repeat the following:

I am strong and you are making me stronger.

I am ready to receive guidance, support, and help.

I am open to change and I trust in the future.

As you say these words, feel them burning in your heart and imprinting on your soul. The ritual will end once the candle has burned all the way through.