This Week, These 3 Signs Need To Focus On Letting Go Of The Past

Are you checking in with yourself? Setting aside time to process your feelings and take stock of what's going on in your life? This is one mega-intense July you're in the midst of and no one has it easy right now. You've come away from a galvanizing and inspiring total solar eclipse in Cancer just a couple of weeks ago, which started a process of deep spiritual renovation. On July 16, the next phase of this renovation will unfold as a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn takes place. You may not be the same person after this week, and on that note, July 15, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, but don't consume yourself with fear. No matter what happens, it's all for the best. Even if moving on from the past feels as though you're painfully tearing yourself free, trust that the cosmos have a beautiful plan and you can't possibly imagine what awaits you on the other side. I mean, how exciting does that sound?

As you probably already know, eclipse season isn't the only astrological drama you're contending with. Mercury has been retrograding up a storm, and now that it's re-entering sensitive, emotional, and defensive Cancer on July 19, you should prepare for passive aggressive behavior and nostalgic tendencies. There may be a desire to cling onto the past during this time, so expect drop-ins from ex-lovers and old friends. Your moods will be just as unpredictable, so try not to do anything hasty or make an abrupt decision that can't be undone.

Even though everyone is bound to feel overwhelmed, if you've got your sun or rising sign in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, you're really going through it. Here's why:

Aries: Something Could Be Coming To An End In Your Career

As a cardinal sign, this eclipse season has been affecting you very intensely. I bet there are currently a multitude of changes taking place in your life. However, the upcoming lunar eclipse signals a sharp turn you may or may not be expecting.

This time, it lands in your 10th house of social status and reputation. This could be a harbinger of so many things related to your outward success, career path, and overall confidence in your abilities. Since eclipses are malefic by nature, these changes may not be easy at first. It could entail a loss or a failure of some sort. However, it's all clearing way for a brighter path.

Cancer: A Relationship May Be Reaching A Conclusion

This eclipse season has been affecting you directly, as it has activated the Cancer-Capricorn axis, transforming your sense of self and your closest relationships. This week, the lunar eclipse lands in your seventh house of partnerships and it could reshape your entire world.

This is the time to either make it or break it. Either decide once and for all that you need to commit to someone and make your relationship solid or forever put it behind you. Remember, not everyone is meant to remain in your life forever, but it's also important you fight for the ones you believe are. Look in your heart. You know the answer.

Capricorn: You're Shedding Your Past Self And Moving Forward

Oh, Capricorn. This is a major turning point for you in this chapter of life. A lunar eclipse takes place in your first house of the self this week, asking you to let go of former perspectives and embrace a new and refurbished identity. You are stronger than you could possibly know.

This journey is connected to the solar eclipse in Capricorn that took place six months ago, so look back in time and remember what was going on in your life then. Chances are, those issues will resurface and begin to make more sense. Things are shifting in a direction you might not enjoy, but deep down, you know it's part of your destiny.