Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope Is Here & It's Bursting With Major Capricorn Energy

Does eclipse season terrify you? If you're aware of what eclipses signify in astrology, it just might. When an eclipse takes place, things are rarely ever the same again. As for me, I try to remember that eclipses are a part of life, and so are unexpected changes. Try as we might to control our fate, the universe simply does what it does and all we can do is roll with the punches. However, don't surrender yourself to destiny altogether, because your solar eclipse in Capricorn 2019 horoscope will remind you that you still have free will.

You may be changing within during this time, and the transformation will force you to rearrange the way you live your life. While Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (planet of limitations and restrictions) it's important that you take a look at the commitments you're currently shackled to. While Capricorn has the power to work hard and stay focused until a dream is realized, its downside is that it can be loyal to stale concepts. It's time to take a look at how you're spending your energy, because with a solar eclipse in Capricorn, it's of the utmost importance that you focus on what truly matters.


This solar eclipse could mean that a major change in your career is underway. Perhaps this means that you'll make a serious decision about your work. It could even mean a promotion or a job change. Think long and hard about what outward success means to you.


You're on the brink of a very exciting time, albeit a confronting one. You may be about to begin a major journey, and while it may be full of ups and downs, it will expand your mind and change your perspective in a way you've never felt before.


This solar eclipse could be a majorly intuitive awakening. You'll find yourself surprised by the power your darkness contains. While you may be experiencing emotional ends, it's making way for bright new beginnings. Fall out of love and then fall in love all over again.


This solar eclipse may be a major turning point in a relationship. It might be the beginning of the end. However, it can also be the spark that brings the relationship even closer. Make a point to only allow mutually beneficial partnerships into your life.


Big dreams start small, and even the smallest actions have consequences. This solar eclipse will guide your attention towards how you take care of your work and your health. One step leads to another, and it's time to revamp your regimen.


This solar eclipse could signify the moment that a creative idea dawns on your world. Perhaps it's the time to finally write that novel, start that dance class, or commit to doing something that makes your soul sing. Life is a playground. Don't forget that.


A major change in your family unit or your home life may be coming. This could mean marriage or a new baby, but it can also mean finding a new place for your heart to reside. Your emotional center deserves to be focused on.


You may be finally getting something off your chest during this solar eclipse. A truth bomb may drop, perhaps by you, but maybe even someone else. This solar eclipse could also mean a brilliant idea is arriving. Your brain is full of electricity.


You may be coming in to a lot of money around this solar eclipse. However, money could also become an issue. What's most likely to happen is a significant change in your relationship with money and security. You're learning so much about survival.


You may not be the same person you were after this solar eclipse. While this can signify a total identity change, it could be as simple as a change in your state of mind and the way you embrace yourself. Give yourself permission to leave behind your cocoon.


A connection between your mind and your spirit is being forged under the energy of this solar eclipse. Your conscious and subconscious are holding hands, and you'll start realizing things that you never knew, and yet, you always knew.


Chances are, this solar eclipse will be the beginning of many new friendships. However, it could also mean that it's time to say goodbye to people from your past. A change in your community is underway, and you're getting closer to finding the connections you need.