Things Are Looking So Good For These 3 Signs During The Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Ah, the dreaded eclipse. You know how these powerful and devastatingly dramatic astrological events go. Just when you thought you had everything squared away and you knew just what to expect, eclipse season arrives and takes your reality for a spin. But sometimes this spin is everything you've been waiting for. Eclipses are often looked at with fear and apprehension, but it's important to remember the good they can bring into your life. Speaking of good, these zodiac signs will have the best solar eclipse in Cancer 2019 because sometimes, change can feel amazing. Attention everyone who has their sun or rising sign in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces: This is the start of something beautiful and new. Just trust in the process.

The best way to describe the effect of a solar eclipse in astrology is as an amplified and intensified new moon. But while a new moon asks you to try something new, a solar eclipse demands it. This lunation is like an earthquake within, causing your internal infrastructure to crumble so you can build something new in its place. Chances are, you'll feel different than you were before, as though you have no choice but to do things differently. When it takes place on July 2, 2019 at 3:16 p.m. EST, something will shift within you, whether you realize it at the time or not.

Because this solar eclipse forms forms a conjunction with the North node (AKA your destiny), this change might feel uncomfortable at first, but in your heart, you'll know it's right. Luckily, you'll also feel spiritually cradled by the trine it will form with compassionate, artistic Neptune. Here's why the following zodiac signs will ultimately appreciate it:

Cancer: You're Starting A Brand New Chapter In Life

This eclipse will have a major effect on you and it may feel overwhelming at first. However, you will ultimately be empowered, because it's bringing light to your first house of the self. All the ways in which you've been repressing yourself out of fear or shying away from growth will be called out, and if you trust your gut, you'll find that you're left with the courage to make a choice you've probably always wanted to make.

Let this solar eclipse enlarge your sense of self and give you the strength to radiate the energy you've always wanted to.

Scorpio: Your World Will Expand Into Something Beautiful

After the solar eclipse ruptures in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, you may feel as though you've been looking through a narrow lens all this time. Suddenly, the world will seem bigger, your opportunities wider, and your experiences all the more worthwhile.

Everything you see now that your vision has opened wide may feel too intense at first. Give yourself a moment to get used to the change, and then embrace all the many roads you are now free to walk through. This could be the start of an educational journey, a trip around the world, or a spiritual rejuvenation.

Pisces: You're Beginning A Creative And Artistic Journey

Whatever happens to you as a result of this solar eclipse, it will ultimately take you for a romantic and colorful ride. Sending shockwaves into your fifth house of fun and creativity, this eclipse will reawaken your inner child in a way that lets you experience life in a more vivid way.

The way I see it, this solar eclipse could plant a beautiful idea in your head that inspires you to create art, fall in love, or simply enjoy yourself more in your day-to-day life. You might realize you love something you never thought you'd loved before. An unknown talent of yours may even reveal itself.