Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Saw A Sex Therapist & Made An "Erotic Blueprint"

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Julianne Hough and her husband Brooks Laich may only be on their second year of marriage, but they're already working hard to make sure their romantic spark never dies. It might seem like newlyweds don't have to put in much effort to make their marriage work, but Hough and Laich are one step ahead. In fact, the couple recently revealed they sought out the help of a professional. Julianne Hough’s quotes about seeing a sex therapist prove that it's been a total game-changer for their sex life.

While sitting down with Laich on his new new iHeartRadio podcast, How Men Think, Hough revealed that she had found a sex therapist online who gave couples quizzes to uncover their "erotic blueprints," according to PEOPLE. The pair took the quiz, and it taught them a lot about each other and their relationship.

The test was almost like a sexual love language test, Hough discovered. "When I took the test, I realized that there were certain things that gave me connection and intimacy that were different than what gave Brooks connection and intimacy," she said. "By almost learning each other’s language — sort of like love languages — it was almost like a menu of how we could please each other sexually, but also intimately."

And while the quiz was different than the actual love languages quiz, it still placed an importance on how Hough and Laich each like to be pleased sexually. It's totally normal that they would have a different inclinations when it comes to intimacy. "People do have a preference for how they feel loved and cared for by their partner," Anita Chlipala, licensed marriage and family therapist and author of First Comes Us: The Busy Couple's Guide to Lasting Love previously told Elite Daily.

While the sex therapist has helped the couple learn how the other prefers to experience intimacy the most — with Hough preferring eye contact and physical touch, and Laich appreciating it when Hough wears lingerie — the professional dancer said it's opened her eyes to a whole new dimension of marriage. "Honestly, when I think of the word intimacy… I think it’s one of the most sacred things you can have between a partnership," she said. "I think it’s what separates friendship and lovers, and I think that most people do think about sex when they think of intimacy, but when I think about intimacy, I think of presence. I think of absolute, complete and utter connection, when we are two people connecting and then we actually become one person."

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Hough also explained that the intimacy between her and her husband is different than her connection with anyone else, and the reason why will have you swooning. "I can have chemistry and connection, but my intimacy with Brooks is because he challenges me," she said, "and he sees me for exactly who I am and accepts me for the fact that I can have chemistry and connection with a lot of people, but I choose him every day."

Ugh! Is your heart bursting? Hough and Laich are the cutest, and the work they put into their marriage makes them that much more relatable. "A lot of people don’t know even what they want," Hough added on the podcast. "My curiosity has saved my life and honestly saved our relationship many times because we’ve been curious about like, ‘Hey, something doesn’t feel right. Instead of just accepting it for how it is, let’s look into something.'" Hough's comments prove that no one — not even celebs — is perfect at relationships and intimacy, and getting help is never a bad idea.