John Krasinski's virtual prom featured Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers.

John Krasinski Got Billie Eilish & The Jonas Brothers To Perform At His Virtual Prom

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John Krasinski held a virtual prom party for his Some Good News series on YouTube to give seniors with cancelled proms due to the coronavirus pandemic an online celebration. His original announcement told fans he would be DJing the event, but he also had a few surprises up his sleeve. ICYMI, John Krasinski's virtual prom had Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers as musical guests.

Krasinski first made the prom party announcement with a video on his TikTok and Instagram accounts on Thursday, April 16. He captioned the post with the details for the YouTube live video on his channel SomeGoodNews. "That’s right class of 2020 I’m DJing your prom with some friends this Friday night," he wrote. Initially the title of the video hinted that there may be some special guests dropping in, with the name, "SGN Prom with John Krasinski and Friends." Considering Krasinski has brought other celebs together on SGN episodes prior to the prom, fans probably had an inkling there might be some other famous special guests.

Those who tuned in to the SGN Prom got some incredible musical performances, including songs from Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. The event also included other celebrity guests, like Rainn Wilson who played Dwight alongside Krasinski in The Office. Krasinski was deejaying alongside a split screen view of Wilson before Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas surprised viewers on screen. The trio, looking dapper, performed their hit "Sucker" for the class of 2020:

Later in the stream, Chance the Rapper made an appearance. The hit rapper danced along to his song, "All We Got," while Krasinski and Wilson joined in. Chance the Rapper also took a moment to express his love for Wilson, shouting, "I love you Rainn Wilson!" Wilson replied, "I love you, Chance!" Krasinski was thoroughly enjoying himself, dancing and laughing with the pair, calling it "a beautiful moment."

Finally, Eilish and her producer brother, Finneas, joined the livestream to perform their hit, "Bad Guy." There were, however, some technical difficulties toward the end of the song. Krasinski expressed his thanks, telling Eilish and Finneas, “Thank you so much for coming to Prom 2020. It happened. These kids just got a prom.” Krasinski also took a moment to tell the pair how much he admires their music: “I absolutely adore you guys. I’ve been a big fan of you since forever. The fact that you used The Office in a song blew my brain out, and I don’t think I fully recovered — ever.”

Office fans undoubtedly enjoyed some of the banter that Krasinski and Wilson engaged in during the livestream:

This celebrity-laden event isn't the first Krasinski has managed to pull together since he began his Some Good News series on YouTube a few weeks ago. He launched SGN to lift the spirits of those staying home due to social distancing guidelines, and he's been doing a great job of it. Since he began SGN in late March 2020, Krasinski has brought other celebrities together virtually, including an episode with his former Office co-star Steve Carell, and a reunion of the original cast of Hamilton.

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