The original 'Hamilton' cast performed for a fan on John Krasinski's YouTube show.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Got The Original 'Hamilton' Cast To Sing On Zoom

Broadway may have had to shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Lin-Manuel Miranda found a touching way to keep his show going for one young superfan. The Hamilton creator made a surprise appearance on John Krasinski's new YouTube series Some Good News to surprise a fan with an epic virtual reunion of the musical's full original cast. No matter how much of a musical fan you are, this video of the original Hamilton cast singing on John Krasinski's show will definitely touch your heart.

In case you missed it, Krasinski has launched a new YouTube news show called Some Good News, which is devoted to spreading uplifting stories in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The debut episode premiered on Sunday, March 29, and featured a virtual reunion between Krasinski and his The Office co-star Steve Carell, but honestly, the surprise guests for Episode 2 might have been even more incredible.

In the second episode on Sunday, April 5, Krasinski read a tweet about a 9-year-old girl named Aubrey who was unable to see Hamilton for her birthday due to social distancing practices. Krasinski proceeded to call Aubrey up on video-chat and offered to fly her up to New York City to see Hamilton on Broadway once the coronavirus quarantining is over... but the surprises didn't stop there. Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt then welcomed Miranda into the chat, and he began singing Hamilton's opening number "Alexander Hamilton" just for Aubrey. Turns out, the song is Aubrey's favorite one from the show, and the performance kept getting more special as the entire original cast of Hamilton joined the call to sing their parts.

The whole thing begins at around the 8:27 mark in the new YouTube video.

The surprise reunion was clearly moving for Aubrey, who teared up and put her hands over her mouth in shock throughout the performance, and it was also a very special gift for all Hamilton fans, since the full original cast hadn't performed together in years. The actors who recorded the musical's hugely popular official soundtrack debuted Hamilton on Broadway in 2015, but began departing from the show the following year.

After reuniting with Carell in Episode 1 and bringing the original Hamilton stars together for an epic performance in the second episode, it's clear Krasinski is going to keep the major, heartwarming surprises coming with each new episode of Some Good News. So get ready for Episode 3, because you never know which celebrity (or whole cast of stars) could suddenly pop by.